Evangelism, Compassion, & Social Justice

“Ministering to the Least of These”

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. – Matthew 25:40

Do you have a heart for reaching those in the darkest places? Do you desire to reach out to those in desperate situations like human trafficking victims? Prostitutes? Drug addicts? Prisoners? The poor and needy? Jesus came to seek and save ALL who are lost – even those who are in the most difficult situations of life.

The Evangelism, Compassion, & Social Justice (PRAXIS) program will teach you how to be a servant and a witness as you minister to those outside the Church who do not know Jesus. You will be equipped to serve in evangelism and compassion ministry in a broad variety of settings. You will essentially learn to be the feet and hands of Jesus wherever you go.

Besides taking such courses like Foundations of Social Justice and Personal Evangelism, you will have opportunity to do ministry weekly in such places as street missions and soup kitchens. You be able to do prison ministry monthly. You will also embark on two major trips to both an urban and cross-cultural setting. APPLY NOW! 

Creatively Blending...

Kingswood University strives for academic excellence by offering a core set of courses unique to each accredited program, along with the Bible and theology courses required for the B.A. in Ministry degree.

Foundations of Social Justice

In order to be a social justice advocate, you need to understand what the Bible teaches about the issue. This course will dig into what the Bible says about the transformation of not just each person but also the society as a whole.

Introduction to Compassion Ministry

The Gospels speak repeatedly of how Jesus showed compassion upon the people. This course will explore what the Scriptures say about God’s concern for the poor and disenfranchised of the world. You will learn how you can respond compassionately to those around you.

Personal Evangelism

God calls all of us to go make disciples of all nations. This course is designed to assist you in using the Bible, along with various tools and practical methods in leading people to Christ. Of course, as part of the Praxis program, you will have many opportunities to share your faith with others.


Every person has a set of beliefs that they follow – a worldview. Through this course, you will analyze what a worldview is. You will also study and assess other worldviews. You will learn to appreciate how valuable it is to contextualize your Christian worldview. In essence, you will learn how to adjust from a North American worldview to a biblically-based, culturally-relevant worldview.

Praxis Senior Project 

In your fourth year, you will complete a major research project that will focus specifically on an area of interest to you,  that is related to your future ministry. Eg. A proposal for a ministry or non-profit organization.

Note: If you wish to view further details regarding the Global Ministry program, you may check out our catalogue.

Along with academic excellence, Kingswood University seeks to incorporate practical ministry experience into all our programs.

Praxis is incredibly unique in that you will do ministry all throughout in this program. You will have opportunity to minister in soup kitchens, street missions, transition houses, shelters, prisons, and food banks. You will minister to every age from children to seniors.

FIRST YEAR (Regional Praxis):

  • Every Monday of each week, you will prepare with your team to do ministry that week. You will have opportunity to use your gifts in such areas as dance, music, drama, sports, rapping, tech, etc.
  • You will then minister for a day in a specific place here in the Maritimes.
  • Once a month, you will minister for an entire weekend. You will also do prison ministry each month.
  • This first year will help you to discover your giftings and give you an idea of just what ministry entails.

SECOND YEAR (Urban & Cross-Cultural Praxis):

  • Besides doing weekly ministry, you will have opportunity to head to New York City for a 10 day ministry trip. You will work with a number of organizations dedicated to reaching people in the darkest situations of life.
  • You will also embark on a 10 day cross-cultural trip to a country such as Peru, Haiti, Guatemala, or
  • Honduras. You will learn some of the language and culture while there.
  • This second year will introduce you to a much broader ministry setting.

THIRD YEAR (Directed Praxis):

  • You will have the opportunity to focus on a specific area of ministry that you have chosen yourself and will do ministry in that area weekly.
  • You will also begin to mentor and lead your fellow students on various ministry trips.
  • This third year will begin to help you narrow down where you may want to focus for ministry.

FOURTH YEAR (Leadership Praxis):

  • You will continue to lead during the first semester of your fourth year. You will become a secondary leader alongside the program director.
  • You will head out on a Supervised Ministry Experience, the major practical component of your program. This internship will be completed in your fourth year and will last for approximately four months. You will work with an experienced leader in a social justice or compassion ministry, in an urban or cross-cultural setting.
  • This fourth year will give you the most ministry experience and hopefully guide you into exactly what God has called you to do.

An education at Kingswood University would not be complete without making an intentional effort to form students holistically—head, heart, hands, and habits.

  • Because you are doing hands-on ministry constantly in this program, you will have ample opportunity to grow spiritually.
  • You will connect with your team members on a very close level as you minister together. This will include spending many hours praying as a team.
  • Your program director Mike MacNeil will accompany you on all your trips and believes very strongly in the power of prayer to change lives.
  • You will also take part in Pulse and Chapel, two essential and integral components of what makes Kingswood so unique.

Mike MacNeil, M.A.
Program Director of
Evangelism and Compassion

I grew up outside the Church in a non-Christian home and came to Jesus in a dramatic encounter when I was 24 years old. My heartbeat and passion is about reaching out to those outside the Church, who don't know Jesus yet. I want students to discover what it means to be a servant and a witness.