Evangelism, Compassion Ministry, & Social Justice

serve saint john-19Professor Mike MacNeil, Praxis Program Director

The Evangelism, Compassion Ministry, and Social Justice major is designed to equip students to serve in evangelism and compassion ministry in a broad variety of settings. The program embraces both the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) and the Great Commandment (Matt.22:37-39) as essential to Christian witness and uses the head (knowing), heart (being), and hands (doing) method of disciple making that Jesus modeled in the Scriptures.

Along with a strong Christian community and excellent classroom instruction, there is a strong experiential component that allows students life-on-life encounters with lost and hurting people in their own cultural context, in large urban centers, and in another culture. Students are also exposed to diverse social and spiritual issues and a variety of ways of addressing these issues.

Graduates of this degree will be able to do the following:

  • able to demonstrate an understanding of, and appreciation for, the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and be able to articulate them clearly.
  • able to demonstrate an understanding of, and appreciation for, the spiritual and social issues that are present in the world, and be able to address them from a Biblical perspective.
  • able to demonstrate an understanding of, and appreciation for, God’s heart for the poor and lost peoples of the world.
  • intellectually and experientially prepared for further study in the fields of evangelism, compassion, and social justice.
  • prepared to do evangelistic and compassionate outreach work in a wide variety of environments outside of traditional church settings, such as soup kitchens, missions, jails, drug rehabs, and at-risk youth programs.
  • prepared to establish and lead evangelistic and compassionate outreaches in a local church setting.
  • prepared for further professional studies in this area.