Worship Arts

Available as a program major or minor. Full course descriptions can be found in our catalogue.

Is this program for me?

Do you love to sing and play an instrument? Do you enjoy entering into worship and leading others in the same? If this resonates with you, then our Worship Arts program could be the perfect fit for you.

Practical Ministry Experience

  • Cultivate a sound worship theology based upon what the Bible teaches and how Christian history has influenced our worship.
  • Learn how to competently lead congregations in meaningful and inspiring times of worship through a commitment to musical excellence and lifelong learning.
  • Prayerfully and carefully plan, prepare, and lead services of worship for your local congregation with a goal to spiritual formation.
  • Serve in the chapel worship team as an instrumentalist, vocalist, and/or co-leader or in our tech booth through running ProPresenter, sound, lights, and/or camera.
  • Participate in the chapel choir, performing about five times a semester.
  • Spend four months on internship in your final year, serving with and learning from an experienced worship pastor in a local church context.

Core Courses

  • Theology of Worship
  • Music Theory I & II
  • Group Guitar Class
  • Group Voice Class
  • Technical Ministries
  • Worship Leading I & II
  • Introduction to Song Writing & Arranging
  • Applied Music Lessons in Guitar, Piano, and Voice


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