Kingswood Athletics

At Kingswood, we believe a healthy body influences a healthy spirit. As a student, you’ll have a large selection of activities throughout the year geared towards helping you grow, stay healthy, and embrace life in new directions. You’ll also have a chance to seek out ministry opportunities through athletics, becoming a positive influencer who reflects Christ on and off the field, court, or ice.

Join in on the weekly intramural sports or take in one of our monthly events, like our weekend hiking trip, Mud Run, pond hockey or dodgeball tournaments. Take advantage of the provided membership to the Civic Centre located next to campus and make swimming, weight training, or walking/running a regular part of your routine. Whether you love to get in on the action or prefer to cheer from the sidelines, there’s something for you here at Kingswood.

Here’s a list of activities available at Kingswood.

• Soccer
• Basketball
• Hockey
• Volleyball
• 10-Hole Disc Golf Course
• Hiking
• Sliding
• Skiing/Snowboarding
• Running Group
• Football
• Swimming
• Weight Training




MY KU Experience


During my first year at Kingswood, I hiked Mount Katahdin. During the 13-hour hike, friendships were formed, we saw incredible views, we were challenged physically, and we had the opportunity to pray with countless other hikers that we passed on the ridge along the peak. The Katahdin hike was one of the most memorable experiences of my first semester at Kingswood, and one that will stick with me for years to come. 
–  Grace Aukerman