Kingswood Athletics

At Kingswood, we believe regular physical activity contributes to having a healthy body and spirit. We encourage students to enjoy athletics as a means of self-care and fun! Participation provides opportunities to build new friendships, develop new skills, accept significant challenges, and develop positive character traits such as self-discipline, resilience, teamwork, patience, humility, and self-control. Many students find that athletics are an important ministry platform to demonstrate Godly character while connecting with other athletes in the community, with the goal of leading them into a relationship with Christ.

Allowing for the broadest possible participation, Kingswood athletics primarily function at an intramural level on campus and in the community. Many of these opportunities are led by students through our Athletics Association. All full-time Kingswood students living on campus are given a membership at the Nurtien Civic Centre, so they are able to make indoor swimming, fitness classes, weight training, and walking/running a regular part of their fitness routine.


Common athletic activities available at our Benson Athletic Complex, Nutrien Civic Centre, and in Sussex:

Disc Golf (10-hole course on campus)
Fitness Classes (a wide variety offered at the Nutrien Civic Centre)
Skiing/ Snowboarding at Poley Mountain

Weight Training


MY KU Experience


During my first year at Kingswood, I hiked Mount Katahdin. During the 13-hour hike, friendships were formed, we saw incredible views, we were challenged physically, and we had the opportunity to pray with countless other hikers that we passed on the ridge along the peak. The Katahdin hike was one of the most memorable experiences of my first semester at Kingswood, and one that will stick with me for years to come. 
–  Grace Aukerman