Free Resources

Here you will find a growing collection of resources that we have prepared to aid you in developing your ministry leadership and effectiveness, reaching your ministry goals, and training your team. These resources are all free to use and to share.

Kingswood Learn

Browse free high quality micro courses that address themes such as Biblical Studies & Theology, Organizational Management, Marketplace Ministry, Helping Skills, NextGen Ministry, Technical Skills, Discipleship, and Church Planting.
Are you a Christian looking for resources to grow in your faith, study scripture, and learn more about self care? Are you a pastor or ministry leader looking for tools to develop your congregation’s skills and knowledge? Then this is for you! There is something for everyone, regardless of vocation, age, or stage in life.

Marketplace Multipliers

Choose from a selection of five courses designed to dig deeper into concepts in and around ministering through one’s vocation in the marketplace. Each course is built with three weeks of open source content and discussion prompts to facilitate an engaging and thought-provoking hour of conversation over lunch or coffee. Gather a group of co-workers or like-minded individuals on mission for Christ in their workplace and use the materials below to jumpstart even greater effectiveness in your community.

Work and the Bible

Examine how the Bible talks about work, what it means for the Christian worker to be made in the image of God, and how our identity as a Christian worker affects our workplace.

Leadership in the Marketplace

Explore your motivation for wanting to be a leader, the Ideal Team Player model and its value in building your team, and why trust is critical to team health.

Models of Marketplace Ministry

Discuss effective marketplace multiplication models, how organizations are models of marketplace ministry, and how individuals can model marketplace ministry.

Preaching Resource

Use this free Sermon on the Mount preaching resource created by Abbi Langille, a second year Theology student at Kingswood.

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