Kingswood University Outcomes


Kingswood University exists to serve Jesus Christ by strengthening the local and global church through forming Christ-like servant leaders in a community that creatively blends academic excellence and practical ministry experience with intentional spiritual formation.


In the accomplishment of the Mission of the University, the specific goal of Kingswood University is to enrich the knowledge, skills and Christ-like disposition of ministers of all types – pastors, missionaries, children’s and youth pastors, church planters, worship leaders, teachers for Christian schools, general Christian service workers, and committed lay people who will strengthen the local and global church. This is to be achieved by guiding student development in:

  • an appreciation for their role in the church universal (through space and time);
  • an understanding and experience of what it means to be a well-rounded wholesome Christian, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually;
  • a formation of a biblical worldview, incorporating a biblical sense of values, an understanding of God’s plan for their lives, and their privileges and responsibilities in contemporary life;
  • an understanding of the way academic excellence and practical ministry experience are inseparably intertwined with intentional spiritual formation.

General Objectives

Kingswood graduates will:

  • Demonstrate a greater knowledge of the Bible and the central doctrines of the Christian faith;
  • Articulate a developing biblical worldview based on study and experience and which impacts all areas of life;
  • Apply research and critical thinking skills for independent research and effective communication of truth;
  • Develop as Christ-like servant leaders, exhibiting ongoing development in all areas of life;
  • Reflect on ministry experiences in church and parachurch settings.

Retention Rates

Retention relates to the number of students who continue as students from one semester or one year to the next.

Retention Rates – 2015 to present




Semester-to-Semester Average



    1st to 2nd Year 2nd to 3rd Year 3rd to 4th Year
2015-2016 89% 77% 73% 82%
2016-2017 91% 89% 93% 89%
2017-2018 95% 94% 78% 76%
2018-2019 91% 84% 63%  
2019-2020 88% 76%    
2020-2021 85%      




Term-to-Term Average

2015-2016 100%
2016-2017 88%
2017-2018 78%
2018-2019 68%
2019-2020 91%

Completion Rates

Completion rates measure the number of students who completed their program within 1½ times the allotted timeframe for their program; for example, those who completed a four-year bachelor’s degree in six years or less.


  Completion Rate Class Size Completion Rate Class Size
2011-2012 57% 61    
2012-2013 58% 59    
2013-2014 61% 56 88% 16
2014-2015 65% 70 71% 7
2015-2016 51% (anticipated) 60 83% 6
2016-2017 76% (anticipated) 43 89% 9
2017-2018 79% (anticipated) 50 63% 8
2018-2019     100% 7
2019-2020     73% (anticipated) 15

Bible Knowledge Standardized Exam

All Kingswood students take a standardized Bible knowledge exam upon enrolment and at graduation as a measure of increased knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology. Because of changes in the test and in Kingswood’s use of testing, data prior to 2019 is inconsistent.


Graduating class Old Testament New Testament Overall
2019 + 5% + 11% + 7%
2020 + 14% + 20% + 18%

Beginning in Fall 2020 Kingswood is using a new Bible Knowledge Exam created by and provided by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. In time, this will provide comparative data among the Association’s institutions. 

Placement Rates

Placement rates below indicate how many graduates of undergraduate programs are serving in a related field and/or pursuing further education in a related field six months after graduation. 




(Related Field)


(Related Field)

2016 39% 50% 44
2017 33% 53% 40
2018 22% 64% 45
2019 36% 50% 36
2020 27% 49% 45