Ask students what they love most about Kingswood, and the answer you’ll hear most often is our Chapel services. Twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 9:30 am Atlantic, we gather in the Saunders-Irving Chapel for student-led worship and inspired preaching. There is something uniquely special about our chapel services that is best understood by personal experience. You will understand what we mean the first time you are standing with your fellow students being led in worship, joining together in corporate prayer, and being challenged and encouraged through sound, Biblical teaching.

Our chapel services are also an opportunity for students to engage in meaningful ministry, serving the student body while growing in their skill and competency. If you are musically inclined or have artistic gifts in the areas of dance, spoken word, or dramatic presentations, we encourage you to join our chapel worship teams. If you are skilled in the tech elements of sound, lighting, video, or presentation, or you have an interest and would like to learn, our tech ministry is waiting for you. As one student said, Kingswood is “a soft place to fall” – a safe space where mentors encourage you to try new things and refine your gifts and talents as you prepare for what matters most.  


Wednesdays at KU are set aside for Pulse, an opportunity to focus on spiritual development in four key areas: head, heart, hands, and habits. You will gather with other students in a variety of settings, all geared towards establishing a healthy lifestyle for longevity in ministry. Expand your thinking and knowledge as you hear from experts on a diverse number of topics, form healthy habits through small group accountability and study, and grow in your understanding of God’s heart for compassion as you serve the local community and surrounding areas through meaningful, hands-on projects. This unique program will foster holistic development with a Christian worldview, leaving you better equipped as you prepare for the ministry God is calling you to.

Be still and know that I am God