4-Year Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

Our Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree will help you prepare for ministry in a variety of settings. The program is completely customizable through our selection of ten majors and
minors. If you are looking for effective training to serve in church, parachurch, or marketplace ministry, our B.A. in Ministry is what you are looking for.

Bachelor of Theology

Our Bachelor of Theology degree is designed to prepare students for ministry through the exploration and study of God and our relationship with Him. The goal of our Bachelor of Theology degree is not to simply gain theological knowledge, but to have a better understanding of and deeper connection with God.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian School Education

Our Bachelor of Arts in Christian School Education is developed to equip aspiring teachers who recognize that their classroom is their mission field. Through the lens of a Christian worldview that supports a ministry mindset, students will gain the practical knowledge and skills needed to effectively teach and manage a classroom.

2-Year Associate Degrees

Associate of Arts in Evangelism & Compassion Ministry​

Our Associate of Arts in Evangelism and Compassion degree is designed to equip students with a biblical foundation as they minister in evangelistic and compassionate outreach settings. Students serve weekly in a variety of environments, putting into practice all they are learning as advocates for those in desperate situations in our world.

Associate of Arts in General Education

Our Associate of Arts in General Education is a foundational degree that will equip students with a Christian worldview. This degree is ideal for those who are planning to further their studies in an arts-related field or who will be pursuing a career in the secular workplace.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

Our Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies is directed to those who want to strengthen their foundation of bible and theology through intensive study of scripture and its application to ministry.

Associate of Arts in
Evangelism & Compassion Ministry

Additional courses and course descriptions can be found in our catalogue.

Is this program for me?

Do you have a heart for reaching those in desperate situations like human trafficking victims, prostitutes, drug addicts, prisoners, and the poor and needy? Our two-year Evangelism & Compassion degree is designed to teach you how to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in a broad variety of settings.

Practical Ministry Experience

  • Build a foundation in basic doctrines of the Christian faith and be able to clearly share them with others.
  • Be trained in how to understand the spiritual and social issues in our world today and how to advocate for social justice from a Biblical perspective.
  • Be prepared to do evangelistic and compassionate outreach work in a variety of environments with weekly trips to such places as street missions, soup kitchens, prisons, drug rehabs, and at-risk youth programs.
  • Be equipped to design and lead evangelistic and compassionate outreaches in a local church setting.

Core Courses

  • Foundations of Social Justice
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Introduction to Counselling
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Introduction to Ministry
  • World Religions or Worldview
  • Introduction to Compassion Ministry
  • Regional Praxis; Urban Praxis; Cross-cultural Praxis

What matters most to you matters to us.

Our Kingswood Enrolment Counsellors want to hear how God is leading you and what you are most passionate about as you consider a life of purpose. They’ll answer your questions, help you determine your options, and pray with you about next steps. No pressure, no commitment – just a conversation with someone who understands that preparing for what matters most really matters.

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