NextGen Ministry

Available as a program major or minor. Full course descriptions can be found in our catalogue.

Is this program for me?

Churches and ministries around the world are looking for equipped NextGen workers. Are you passionate about helping the next generation build a lasting faith of their own? Are you looking for a program designed around practical apprenticeship that will launch you into answering this call for NextGen workers? If so, our NextGen Ministry program may be exactly what you are looking for.

Apprenticeship — Learning Ministry While Doing Ministry

  • Gain a solid Biblical and theological foundation for effective ministry to students and their families.
  • Learn effective communication skills to share God’s Word in a culturally relevant and age appropriate way.
  • Be an apprentice with a local youth ministry one day a week, starting in your first semester.
  • Learn through on-the-job training in a real-life context where you can develop skills taught in the classroom.
  • Learn from experienced ministry directors, mentors, and coaches.
  • Grow in a Learning Cohort with your peers, designed to provide support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • Develop sustainable spiritual formation practices to prepare for long term ministry effectiveness.
  • Experience personal exploration, theological reflection, and real resource creation that will propel your ministry forward.
  • Spend four months on internship in your final year, serving with and learning from an experienced youth ministry leader in a local church or parachurch context.

Core Courses

  • Personal & Spiritual Formation in Ministry
  • Youth Ministry Management – Principles and Practices
  • Thinking Theologically about Youth Ministry
  • Worldviews and Conversational Apologetics
  • Understanding Today’s Youth Culture
  • Counselling Adolescents and Their Families
  • Adolescent Faith Formation
  • Communication Skills for Effective Ministry

What matters most to you matters to us.

Our Kingswood Enrolment Counsellors want to hear how God is leading you and what you are most passionate about as you consider a life of purpose. They’ll answer your questions, help you determine your options, and pray with you about next steps. No pressure, no commitment – just a conversation with someone who understands that preparing for what matters most really matters.

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