Bachelor of Arts in
Business Management

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Is this program for me?

Do you see yourself stepping into a position of leadership or management in the world of business? Are you looking for a way to combine a passion for God with a passion for leadership and entrepreneurship? If God has equipped you with a mind for business and a heart for ministry, our Business Management program may be the perfect way to prepare for a life of impact.

Practical Ministry Experience

  • Gain a solid Biblical foundation and critical thinking skills to effectively evaluate, plan, and execute sound business decisions from a Biblical worldview.
  • Learn basic business principles of communication, finance, marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship.
  • Engage in practical ministry for three hours each week under supervision.
  • Cap off your program with a four-month supervised internship in a setting that best allows you to prepare for using business principles in a way that reflects biblical values.
  • Learn to integrate faith and business management to strengthen the local and global church through creative, innovative, and flexible initiatives that address real-world problems.

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Business 
  • Intro to Business Technology 
  • Survey of Economics 
  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Business Finance 
  • Business/Professional Communication 
  • Business Ethics 
  • Organizational Health/Behaviour 
  • Business Law 
  • Business Leadership 
  • Project Management 
  • Operational Management 
  • Change Management 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership 

What matters most to you matters to us.

Our Kingswood Enrolment Counsellors want to hear how God is leading you and what you are most passionate about as you consider a life of purpose. They’ll answer your questions, help you determine your options, and pray with you about next steps. No pressure, no commitment – just a conversation with someone who understands that preparing for what matters most really matters.

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