Undergraduate Degrees

At Kingswood University, academic excellence is more than a simple catch phrase. We are committed to providing a quality education delivered through practical ministry experience, all in an environment that supports and promotes spiritual growth and development.

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

Our Bachelor of Arts in Ministry provides you with an opportunity to be academically prepared and equipped with practical ministry experience to pursue vocational or non-vocational ministry in a variety of settings.

Do you know God is calling you to serve others?

Our Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree is completely customizable through selecting majors and minors that will effectively train you to minister as God has uniquely gifted and called you to serve.

  • Gain a biblical worldview based on an understanding of the central doctrines of the Christian faith and a knowledge of our Christian heritage.
  • Be trained in leadership responsibilities to competently serve in church and parachurch ministry around the world.
  • Gain valuable ministry experience by completing a minimum of three practicum assignments throughout your time at Kingswood.
  • Complete a four-month internship under the direction of a qualified ministry leader in your field of study during your fourth year. During that time, you will minister within a local church or parachurch ministry setting in North America or beyond.

Majors and Minors

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Bachelor of Theology

Our Bachelor of Theology degree is uniquely designed to provide you with a strong foundation for pastoral ministry or to give you a head start if you are called to a teaching career in Biblical higher education.

Do you have a passion for studying God’s Word and sharing your thoughts and insights with others?

Do you desire to equip others with the tools to think clearly about the Christian faith? Our Bachelor of Theology may be a perfect fit for how God is directing your path.

  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and the historical development of what Christians believe.
  • Explore the challenging world of apologetics and determine what you believe, why you believe, and how you can believe, while gaining the skills to share your belief with others of a different worldview.
  • Learn about the world of biblical languages and how to apply that knowledge to better understanding as you study the scriptures.
  • Become skillful in using the tools and resources available for ongoing study and research.

Key Courses

  • Church History
  • Philosophy for Understanding Theology
  • Apologetics
  • Varieties of Contemporary Christian Beliefs
  • Hermeneutics
  • Worldview
  • Historical Theology
  • Introduction to Bible Study Tools (Greek & Hebrew)

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Bachelor of Arts in Christian School Education

Our BA in Christian School Education is designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge and skills required for today’s elementary school classrooms.

Do you have a passion to teach the next generation?

 Our Bachelor of Arts in Christian School Education will equip you to impart far more than just information as you minister out of a mature Christian faith.

  • Establish a keen understanding of how to teach children with a foundation of teaching theory and methodology.
  • Learn the knowledge and skills required to lead in today’s elementary school classrooms, including lesson planning, productive teaching, and effective classroom management.
  • Develop your skills through fourteen weeks of observing and teaching in Christian schools.
  • Enter the workforce immediately after graduation as a certified teacher with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), or complete the one-year Bachelor of Education program through our transfer agreements with University of Presque Isle or Crandall University, to gain certification recognized in over forty states and a number of Canadian provinces.

Key Courses

  • Oral Communication
  • Educational Psychology
  • History & Philosophy of Christian Education
  • Technology in Education
  • Classroom Management
  • Instructional Methods
  • Introduction to Exceptional Learners
  • Legal and Ethical Issues

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Associate of Arts in Evangelism & Compassion Ministry

Our two-year Evangelism & Compassion degree is designed to teach you how to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in a broad variety of settings.

Do you have a heart for reaching those in desperate situations like human trafficking victims, prostitutes, drug addicts, prisoners, and the poor and needy?

If you are burdened to make a difference in this world as a servant and a witness, this may be the ideal program for you.

  • Build a foundation in basic doctrines of the Christian faith and be able to clearly share them with others.
  • Be trained in how to understand the spiritual and social issues in our world today and how to advocate for social justice from a Biblical perspective.
  • Be prepared to do evangelistic and compassionate outreach work in a variety of environments with weekly trips to such places as street missions, soup kitchen, prisons, drug rehabs, and at-risk youth programs.
  • Be equipped to design and lead evangelistic and compassionate outreaches in a local church setting.

Key Courses

  • Foundations of Social Justice
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Introduction to Counselling
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Introduction to Ministry
  • World Religions or Worldview
  • Introduction to Compassion Ministry
  • Regional Praxis; Urban Praxis; Cross-cultural Praxis

Additional courses and course descriptions can be found in our catalogue.

Associate of Arts in General Education

Our Associate of Arts in General Education builds a solid, biblically-based foundation across a wide-variety of subjects like music, history, literature, scientific thought, psychology, philosophy, sociology, communications, and Bible and theology. This program is an ideal start for students planning to pursue further studies to enter the secular workplace.

Do you know you are called to serve Jesus Christ through your occupation in the secular workplace but want to enter into your training with a Christian worldview grounded in scripture?

The AA in General Education will equip you with the wisdom you need to confidently face the influences that will challenge your Christian faith.

  • Build your foundation in general education courses.
  • Be prepared to further your studies in an arts-related field.
  • Grow personally and professionally through the wide-range of courses required.
  • Participate in Pulse and Chapel as key components of spiritual growth and development.
  • Learn fundamentals for enhanced lay ministry in the church.

Key Courses

  • Oral Communication
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Anthropology
  • Basic Christian Beliefs
  • Biblical Literature
  • Scientific Thought
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Literature of the Western World

Additional courses and course descriptions can be found in our catalogue.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

Our Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies degree is designed to help you deepen your knowledge of the bible and theology.

Are you a student or lay person looking for a better understanding of the Bible and theology without pursuing a ministry-focused degree?

Do you have plans to enroll in the Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology but do not have the necessary prerequisites for immediate entry? If strengthening your foundation of bible and theology is your goal, this may be the degree for you.

  • Engage in intensive study of scripture and its application to ministry.
  • Grow your faith through the study of Scripture, theology, and Christian disciplines.
  • Be prepared to clearly articulate the basic doctrines of the Christian faith to others.

Key Courses

  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Pentateuch
  • Gospels
  • Acts/Romans
  • Bible/Theology Electives
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Ministry Electives

Additional courses and course descriptions can be found in our catalogue.

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