Youth Ministry

"Raising Up Culturally-Relevant Youth Leaders"

How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. — Psalm 119:9

Do you enjoy working with teenagers? Do you have a passion for student ministry? Do you see students as the future generations worth investing in? Do you love their high energy along with their longing to understand who they are and what their purpose in life is?

If that is you, then our Youth Ministry program may be just for you. It will teach you how to effectively minister to students, in order to lead them to Christ and/or to disciple them in their relationship with the Lord. You will develop a biblical model, along with practical strategies, to lead them well.

We know that seventy to eighty percent of people come to Christ before age 21. That is a significant number! That is why we at Kingswood believe in training up youth pastors and leaders to reach teenagers now. APPLY NOW!


Creatively Blending...

Kingswood University strives for academic excellence by offering a core set of courses unique to each accredited program, along with the Bible and theology courses required for the B.A. in Ministry degree.

Introduction to Youth Ministry

Do you want to learn how to reach teenagers for Christ? This course teaches you to how to minister to students within your current context. You will learn to develop a biblical philosophy of student ministry. You will learn specific strategies of how to put this into practice.

Models and Theology of Youth Ministry

Youth pastors need to learn how to reach both churched and unchurched youth. This course will explore and evaluate various models of ministering to both groups of teens. You will develop a model of ministry that works for you.

Adolescent Psychology

It is important to understand how teenagers grow and develop. This course will discuss adolescent development. You will also investigate some of the problems and challenges teenagers face. You will be shown ways of how you can help teenagers in these tough situations.

Pastoral Ministry

What does it mean to be a pastor? Preaching might be the obvious task associated with the calling. However, there is so much more to pastoring. This course will teach you about both the “up-front/public” and “behind-the-scenes” aspects of the calling. You will even have opportunities to visit with pastors in various leading-edge churches.

Church Health, Growth, and Leadership

Do you dream of one day pastoring a healthy, growing church? This course will teach you how a local church can grow not just in numbers but also in spiritual maturity. You will learn practical strategies on how to lead, based on what the Bible teaches.

Note: If you wish to view further details regarding the program, you may check out our catalogue.

Along with academic excellence, Kingswood University seeks to incorporate practical ministry experience into all our programs.

  • You will participate in a Practicum Assignment for each school year. This will entail doing practical ministry for three hours each week for the semester, under the direction of an approved student ministry supervisor.
  • As a Youth Ministry major, you will embark on a Supervised Ministry Experience, the major practical component of your program. This internship will be completed in your fourth year and will last for approximately four months. You will work with an experienced youth ministry leader in a local church or parachurch context, as you immerse yourself fully into ministering to young people.
  • You will have opportunity to attend youth rallies, camps, and conferences including Kingswood’s Encounter youth rally that happens each year in the fall.
  • For certain class assignments, you will be expected to be involved in a youth group.

An education at Kingswood University would not be complete without making an intentional effort to form students holistically—head, heart, hands, and habits.

  • Professor Dongell will host regular Youth Ministry lunches for you and those in your program to talk about life and ministry. Sometimes a special guest may attend and chat with you about youth ministry.
  • You may be part of a student ministry team, helping lead at youth camps and rallies during the summer months and throughout the school year.
  • You will have opportunity to spend time with Professor Dongell through informal, fun get-togethers. He will also meet with you one-on-one to mentor you spiritually. He very much believes in investing in you personally and will prayerfully encourage you throughout your time here.
  • You will also take part in Pulse and Chapel, two essential and integral components of what makes Kingswood so unique.