Pastoral Ministry

“Learning to Lead Dynamic Churches”

Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care … eager to serve … being examples to the flock.—1 Peter 5:2-3

Do you sense God’s call on your life to serve in and through a local church? Do you feel called to reach the lost for Christ and be a shepherd caring for your flock? Do you desire to help bring people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?

The Pastoral Ministry program will prepare you to confidently lead dynamic, culturally-relevant churches, wherever you may serve possibly as a lead, solo, associate, or assistant pastor. You will learn practical strategies of how, with God’s help, to build healthy churches, all grounded upon a solid biblical foundation.

Local churches exist in all shapes, styles, and sizes, from ultra-contemporary to highly liturgical. There is such diversity within the Body of Christ. At Kingswood, we are passionate about training up future pastors from a variety of denominational backgrounds, who desire to humbly, yet effectively, serve and lead local churches. APPLY NOW!

Creatively Blending...

Kingswood University strives for academic excellence by offering a core set of courses unique to each accredited program, along with the Bible and theology courses required for the B.A. in Ministry degree.

Church Health, Growth, & Leadership

Do you dream of one day pastoring a healthy, growing church? This course will teach you how a local church can grow not just in numbers but also in spiritual maturity. You will learn practical strategies on how to lead, based on what the Bible teaches.


It is one thing to stand in front of a group of people to speak. It is an entirely another thing to know how to do it well. Homiletics will introduce you to the art of preaching. You will learn to prepare and deliver creative, energetic sermons. You will even have opportunity to practice preaching in front of your classmates and a coaching professor.

Expository Preaching

Need some more practice preaching? Not to worry. This course will build on what you already learned in Homiletics. It will help you develop further preaching skills while emphasizing the use of social media and technology in preaching.

Empowering & Equipping Lay Ministry

A pastor should never do ministry alone. They must seek to empower and equip lay people to lead alongside of them. A true leader desires to identify, develop, and support potential lay leaders to serve in their churches and communities, using the gifts God has given them.

Pastoral Ministry

What does it mean to be a pastor? Preaching might be the obvious task associated with the calling. However, there is so much more to pastoring. This course will teach you about both the “up-front/public” and “behind-the-scenes” aspects of the calling. You will even have opportunities to visit with pastors in various leading-edge churches.

Note: If you wish to view further details regarding the program, you may check out our catalogue.


Along with academic excellence, Kingswood University seeks to incorporate practical ministry experience into all our programs.

  • You will participate in a Practicum assignment three times throughout your studies. This will entail doing practical ministry for three hours each week, under the direction of an approved student
    ministry supervisor.
  • As a Pastoral Ministry major, you will embark on a Supervised Ministry Experience, the major practical component of your program. This internship will be completed in your fourth year and will last for approximately four months. You will work with a veteran pastor in a local church context, as you immerse yourself fully into learning how to pastor within and through a local church.
  • You will participate in numerous field trips to leading-edge churches in a variety of denominations. And you will be asked to do class assignments that require you to interact with effective pastors currently serving in ministry.
  • You will hear from a number of classroom guest speakers currently leading effective churches.

An education at Kingswood University would not be complete without making an intentional effort to form students holistically—head, heart, hands, and habits.

  • You will have weekly meetings with two or three accountability partners.
  • You will be able to sit down and chat with your program director, to talk through life and ministry practices. Dr. Elliott also accepts a limited number of students each semester to meet for noon-hour life/ministry coaching.
  • You will enjoy frequent suppers at Dr. Elliott’s home for question/answer times with hand-selected, experienced Christian thinkers and ministry practitioners.
  • You may have opportunity to serve as a dorm chaplain.
  • You will also take part in Pulse and Chapel, two essential and integral components of what makes Kingswood so unique.

Stephen D. Elliott, D. Min.
Program Director of
Pastoral Ministry

I am keenly aware of how much influence my professors had upon me as a young person about to enter full-time ministry. Now, I sense the same responsibility to invest well into this new generation of up-and-coming pastors and church leaders. I love our students, staff, and faculty. This is a great place to serve the Lord and His Church.