MAPT Program Tuition

Tuition 24 credit hours at $355/hr $8,520
Graduation Fee $125
KU Grant* $65/hr $1,560
Potential Cost (if all grants apply) $7,085

Note: These fees are in Canadian dollars and do not include textbooks.

*The KU Grant is available for Kingswood BA/ThB graduates and/or a pastor in full-time local church ministry, under appointment. You do not need to be Wesleyan to qualify for the KU Grant.

Wesleyan ministerial students and Wesleyan pastors may qualify for the Wesleyan Loan-Grant of $80/hr. For information on the Wesleyan Loan-Grant click here.

To receive a detailed price quote and to confirm your eligibility for MAPT Financial Aid, please contact our Enrolment Team.