Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

Are you exploring God’s call to serve others? At Kingswood, you will have the opportunity to live, study, and worship with those who share a passion of becoming Christ-like servant leaders.

Our B.A. in Ministry is a unique and customizable degree. You may customize your degree by selecting majors and minors that match with your gifts and interests, in order for you to effectively train for ministry. At the same time, you may also choose not to have a designated major and graduate with simply a B.A. in Ministry.

We believe in both academic excellence and practical ministry experience. You will be trained both in the classroom and outside of it. You will be required to complete a minimum of three Practicum assignments throughout your time at Kingswood.

In the fourth year of your B.A., you will have the opportunity to complete a four-month, in-depth supervised ministry experience under the direction of a qualified ministry leader in your field of study. During that time, you will be able to minister within a local church or parachurch ministry setting, whether here in North American or beyond.


  • You will be acquainted with the work of ministry in multiple settings and contexts.
  • You will gain a solid foundation for a life of intellectual and spiritual development.
  • You will develop a sound philosophy of ministry.
  • You will be given specific course work and practical experience opportunities to help you become an effective leader in Christian ministry.


  • You will demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation for the central doctrines of the Christian faith and be able to articulate them clearly.
  • You will show an ability to view contemporary society from a biblical perspective and, in light of the historical past, develop a deeper appreciation for our Christian heritage.
  • You will skillfully interpret, expound, and proclaim the Word of God through both your words and your actions.
  • You will be able to serve and lead humbly and effectively in a variety of church and parachurch ministries in North America and around the world.
  • You will demonstrate a maturing Christian walk through the practice of prayer, the exercise of faith, and meditation upon the Scriptures as you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Majors & Minors 

Here are a list of our minors and majors (programs) we offer for the degree. If you wish to view further details regarding the B.A. in Ministry, you may check out our catalogue.

Note: Students completing the B.A. in Ministry degree will meet many of the academic requirements for ordination in their respective denominations. The core courses meet the academic requirements for licensing in The Wesleyan Church. Students may then choose to pursue ordination in The Wesleyan Church. Depending on the selection of one’s major and/or minor, this may require a ninth semester at Kingswood.