Associate of Arts in General Education

Professor David Trouten, Chairman, General Education Division

Program Overview 

An essential and integral part of achieving our mission involves teaching students what we believe, why we believe it, and instilling in them the skills necessary to teach these truths to others. Although it is true that the primary focus of Kingswood is to prepare vocational ministers, we believe this is balanced by an emphasis on the first line of our mission statement (to prepare spiritual leaders for the Church of Jesus Christ) and a broader interpretation of the term “ministry.”

The two-year Associate of Arts Degree in General Education is for students who desire a quality educational experience, a strong spiritual environment, and a small, intimate campus but who may not be called to full-time ministry. Credits earned upon completion of this program can be applied toward any four-year degree program at Kingswood University or to a degree program at another Christian or public university (upon their approval).

Students who plan to further their education elsewhere beyond the Associate of Arts Degree in General Education should contact the university or college where they intend to complete their bachelor’s degree to discuss credit transfer into their desired program of study. The A.A. Degree is also an opportunity for students who do not have the desire to pursue a four-year degree to achieve a more limited educational experience in the general education field for personal and professional growth.


  • to provide students with a foundation in general education courses.
  • to adequately prepare students for continuing education in an arts related field.
  • to provide quality education in a Bible college context for enriched spiritual growth and development.

Articulation Agreement
Kingswood University has entered into an articulation agreement with Houghton College’s main campus in Houghton, N.Y. The agreement states, “A student with an A.A. degree will have satisfied all core requirements (Integrative Studies) for a Houghton College bachelor’s degree. Students who transfer at least 60 hours that are applicable towards a bachelor’s degree will automatically be classified as juniors . . . For most Houghton College academic programs, graduation in four semesters is the norm with good advisement, but for selected academic programs it is less likely.”