This foundation is expanded with courses in general and professional studies to form an integrated Christian worldview and understanding of life and people through the study of history, literature, psychology, and sociology. You will also improve your skills in writing, speaking, and applying technology - all with a focus on using this knowledge for effective ministry.

You may choose from degree options including:

Other Programs:

Based on your chosen degree, major and minor programs of study may be chosen from the following:

On Kingswood University's campus, our excellent academic facilities include computer-integrated classrooms featuring Internet access and digital projection systems. Our faculty are distinguished, credentialed educators whose mission is the success of their students.

If you are called of God into a life of ministry, Kingswood University can provide you with an excellent educational experience including advanced learning resources and opportunities that will help you develop into a very competent and effective minister of the Gospel. Through these programs, you can sharpen your gifts to their best potential to be used by God in a fulfilling life of ministry.