The curriculum of Kingswood University is composed of courses of study specifically designed to meet the needs of students preparing for vocational ministry, including courses in general education that are foundational for ministry. Each degree and major begins with a core curriculum of program specific courses which are enhanced by additional general education, Bible and theology, and other professional ministry courses.

Depending upon the degree or major, students are required to complete between 37-49 credit hours of general education courses, between 35-44 credit hours of Bible/theology courses, and between 41-63 credit hours of professional ministry courses.

The following is a list of all courses currently offered. Students should refer to the Kingswood Catalogue for a listing of the specific courses required for each degree or program.

Division of Biblical & Theological Studies
Kenneth F. Gavel, Chair

Division of General Education
David E. Trouten, Chair

Division of Professional Studies
Stephen D. Elliott, Chair

Certificate Program