Global Ministry

DSC00226Dr. Matthew Friedman, Global Ministry Program Director

The Global Ministry Program exists to mobilize and train you for cross-cultural ministry around the world, to accomplish God’s worldwide purposes, and to help you live a life of total commitment both to Jesus Christ and the urgent global proclamation of the Gospel. This program dynamically integrates learning in the classroom with cross-cultural application in the field. Students relate closely with the Program Advisor who brings over 28 years’ experience of international missions involvement to the Kingswood University community. These factors, coupled with the unique atmosphere of a Christian college campus, help make Kingswood University’s Global Ministries Program an outstanding choice for preparing for cross-cultural ministry.

Jesus commands us, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation,” (Mark 16:15) and, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). At Kingswood University we take these commands seriously and give students the opportunity to train for ministries that carry out these orders. The philosophy that drives the Global Ministries Program is grounded on these words.

The program requirements for the Global Ministry track all contribute to your preparation for effective cross-cultural ministry:

  • Bible and Theology. We believe missionaries must be grounded biblically and theologically to competently and effectively minister God’s Word to God’s World.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences. For effective cross-cultural service, the minister has to be able to understand and interpret his or her cultural surroundings, both past and present.
  • Professional. In this focus of courses, students are trained for a variety of ministries in the church such as preaching, education, and church management.
  • Global Ministry Specific Courses. The specific courses in the Global Ministry track include Biblical Foundation of Mission, Cultural Anthropology, Global Christianity, Intercultural Competencies, Introduction to Missions, Linguistics, Practical Issues in Missionary Preparation, Spiritual Conflict Resolution, World Religions, World View, and the Supervised Ministry Experience.
  • Global Ministry students will also earn three student ministry credits throughout the degree program in order to more deeply learn through experience what has been studied in the classroom. Please see the Catalogue for details.


The Supervised Ministry Experience is the major practical component of your Kingswood University experience. This internship is completed in a student’s fourth year and lasts for approximately four months. Students, working with veteran missionaries, focus on key areas of missionary service such as communications, cross-cultural work issues, the personal life of the missionary, and culture. From this experience a student earns twelve credit hours. You will never be the same again! See the Supervised Ministry Experience Handbook for more details of this dynamic program.

In total, the Global Ministry track includes almost 1,400 class hours, 65 student ministry hours, and 4 months of actual work in another country. The program is designed to help you effectively and with conviction communicate the Word of God in ways that will facilitate life-change and Christ-likeness in cross-cultural settings.
(Note: Many students choose to add a Global Ministry Minor to their preferred track in anticipation of cross-cultural service. The College Catalogue gives the specifics of this minor.)

“What will the Global Ministry track prepare me to do?” Kingswood University’s Global Ministry track will equip you to:

  • move directly into cross-cultural service after graduation,
  • serve in a local church within your own culture, or
  • continue on to seminary for Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or other graduate work.

At Kingswood University you will develop deep friendships, some which will last for a lifetime. While you are a student, there are a number of campus community experiences that will encourage such friendships and enhance your Global Ministry preparation.

  • Student Missions Fellowship (SMF) is a student-led ministry giving focus to missions on the Kingswood University campus. Every student, particularly Global Ministry students, are invited to participate.
  • International Missions Convention is a week of focus on missions in which a key speaker comes to deepen our vision and burden for the world.
  • Missions Trips are offered, usually during Spring Break, as catalytic experiences in a cross-cultural setting. Often students return dramatically changed by their expanded vision of ministry around the world.