Christian Counselling

pulse, chris keisling-7Rev. Allen Lee, Christian Counselling Program Director

The world that we live in, though filled with hope and purpose for many people, is also a place of hurt and difficulty for others. Our communities and churches are comprised of many people who experience trouble in adjusting to the circumstances of daily life, the losses and changes in relationships, and the spiritual questions that arise in the midst of crisis. For many students at Kingswood University, these individuals will be your “church” and the focus of your ministry.

The Christian Counselling program is designed to assist you in developing therapeutic techniques and understanding of theories. Most importantly, it is designed to provide you with a realistic worldview and an opportunity for you to see how your ministry can be tailored to address the existing needs of the Church.

Upon completion of this degree, the student will be prepared to serve in a local church or to continue their education by pursuing a Master’s level degree, where the student will further equip themselves for church-based ministry or community-based service. To this end, Kingswood University has entered into informal agreements with Indiana Wesleyan University, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Roberts Wesleyan College, by which completion of this degree will prepare a student for acceptance into one of their Master’s level programs.

Kingswood University places great emphasis on students developing an appreciation for and understanding of the Bible. Because of this, the foundation of the Christian Counselling major includes credits in Bible and Theology in addition to credits in Psychology and Counselling. The Christian Counselling student will participate in such practical courses as: Introduction to Counselling Theory & Practice, Developmental Psychology, Psychopathology, Marriage & Family Counselling, Crisis Counselling, Introduction to Addictions, and Group Process.

In addition, near the end of their program of study students will complete a four-month (12 credit) internship under the supervision and mentoring of a seasoned professional. The student internship is a wonderful opportunity to solidify and practice some of the theories and skills learned in the classroom, while benefiting from the experiences of a qualified mentoring supervisor. Appropriate Christian Counselling internship experiences may include service in a local church Counselling Centre or Family Life Ministry, Hospital Chaplain, Prison Chaplain, Crisis Intervention, or Academic Counselling Centre.