Experience Kingswood - November 1st, 2019

Kingswood University wants YOU to have the full campus visit experience including having the options to:

  • Embark on a student-led tour
  • Have lunch in the Dining Hall with your program director and students
  • Explore a Residence Hall
  • Enjoy our Chapel Service
  • Sit in on Class

Register before October 18, 2019 and
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Here's what to expect!

Our ​Chapel ​Services ​take ​place ​on ​Tuesday ​& ​Friday ​mornings ​and ​are ​a ​very ​special ​part ​of our ​community ​life ​at ​KU. ​Therefore, ​we ​highly ​encourage ​every ​student ​to ​join ​us ​for ​their campus ​visit ​on ​these ​days. Want ​to ​experience ​a ​chapel ​service ​now? Click ​here ​to ​tune ​in ​live ​or ​watch ​past ​services.

Want ​to ​know ​what ​your ​living ​quarters ​will ​look ​like ​when ​you ​study ​at ​Kingswood? ​We have ​four ​Residence ​Halls ​including ​: ​Joan ​Phillippe, ​Tom ​Phillippe, ​Ingersoll, ​and ​a ​Town House.

Your tour of Kingswood University will be led by KU Presidential Ambassadors who will give you a full campus tour, not only pointing out the facilities but also sharing their personal stories of their experience at KU; providing you with an authentic student perspective that makes your campus visit unique!

Enjoy our "Speed Dating" approach to learning about KU campus life. You'll move from station to station learning about all the opportunities available to you at Kingswood. Come prepared to receive an abundance of information in this really fun format.

One of our unique qualities is the investment our professors have in the lives of students. Professors, and often, their families, regularly will join students for meals in the Dining Hall. While you are here, we want to give you the opportunity to connect with a professor related to your program interest and hear God stories from  some of our awesome students.

During our April 5th campus visit, students will sit on our Personal Evangelism class. A vital part of our mission at KU is to creatively blend academic excellence with practical ministry experience. If you wish to sit in on a specific class, we will gladly arrange that on another visit. To get a complete list of our programs, click here

Engage with some KU students for some outdoor adventure and games. Even though we are a ministry school, we still know how to have fun!

Register ​for ​your ​Campus ​Visit ​Experience ​HERE!

Are you a Youth Group, Christian School, or just a group of friends that want to come visit KU? Kingswood will reimburse up to $500 for travelling expenses to any youth group or high school bringing 5 to 10 grade 11 and 12 students to visit campus.

To register your group, please call our enrolment office at 1.888.432.4422 or email us at enrolment@kingswood.edu