In response to the growing demand for ministry education at all levels in convenient formats, Kingswood University is delighted to announce Kingswood Extended. Kingswood Extended is an initiative that allows for the delivery of ministry education at any level – certificate, undergraduate, graduate – through any available means of delivery – off-site, online, hybrid, correspondence,
  At a recent denominational meeting, we were given Gaining by Losing by J. D. Greear (@jdgreear).  Lead pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham (@SummitRDU), Greear writes as a highly effective ministry practitioner with a Ph.D. in systematic theology. The combination of scholarly theological education and ministry passion helps explain the book’s power. Greear’s thesis,

A Return on Your Investment

Christmas, 2017 Dear Friend, I often speak with gratitude of how you invest in our students.  You might want to hear specific ways your investment is paying dividends. God is using our students in powerful ways in the lives of others.  One young woman, timid by nature, recently shared with new-found confidence how God had
If a recent Lifeway survey is correct, Bible engagement among Christians is in sorry shape. Among their findings: only 20% of church-goers read the Bible daily, less than half read it weekly, and 20% don’t read it at all. Murray, president of Scripture Union Canada, writes to change this sorry state of affairs. He begins