Master of Arts in Leadership

(Launching January 2025)


Our accredited Master of Arts in Leadership degree program equips students to serve as effective leaders in the marketplace and in ministry. This degree is designed for those who have an undergraduate degree in any field and who wish to be better equipped to serve as leaders in their context.


Our M.A. in Leadership is a one-year (36 hour) residential program designed to give you the skills and knowledge to competently lead your team, business, or organization. Learn what you need to know to level up your leadership, embrace the mindset of a servant leader, and step confidently into new responsibilities.

If you are looking for a graduate degree that will equip you to successfully apply effective leadership principles with a Christian worldview, this program is for you.

Become Equipped

  • Master the art of casting a compelling vision, stategic planning, and effective implementation.
  • Acquire the skills to resolve conflict in the workplace.
  • Develop effective strategies to manage a business or organization through times of crisis.
  • Become skilled in developing a team to meet their full potential.
  • Learn how to integrate faith and leadership to strengthen the local and global church through creative, innovative, and flexible initiatives that address real-world problems.

What matters most to you matters to us.

Our Kingswood Enrolment Counsellors want to hear how God is leading you and what you are most passionate about as you consider a life of purpose. They’ll answer your questions, help you determine your options, and pray with you about next steps. No pressure, no commitment – just a conversation with someone who understands that preparing for what matters most really matters.

Speak to an enrolment counsellor.