Complete a Degree Through KX

The A.A. (Biblical Studies) degree is an excellent option for Wesleyan Ministers who wish to have additional preparation in the area of Biblical exegesis. Kingswood has developed an innovative pathway to recognize the significant investment you have already made in your spiritual formation through the process of ordination, and the coursework you have taken through Flame, correspondence, and Kingswood Extended hybrid classes. To qualify for this degree path, you must be an ordained Wesleyan minister.


The A.A. (Biblical Studies) is a 62-hour program with study in three areas: Bible & theology, ministry, and general education.

How Advanced Standing Works

Undergraduate courses are roughly twice the rigour of Kingswood Extended’s Self-Paced, Virtual Classroom, Mentored Cohort, or Correspondence courses, so this program combines two classes to satisfy one three-credit degree course requirement. Given this formula, ordained Wesleyan ministers may have completed up to half of the courses required for the A.A. (Biblical Studies) degree. Because Kingswood University is an accredited institution, there are some restrictions for accepting such coursework toward the degree based on the grade earned and the age of the course. We will assess your transcripts from Wesleyan Headquarters and other colleges and universities to plan your pathway to complete the degree.

Completing the Degree

Though we think everyone should spend some time in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada, you do not have to move to campus to complete this degree. The additional classes required will be completed through directed individual study.

Inquiry Steps

To assess how many courses you may already have completed toward the A.A (Biblical Studies) degree and see an estimate of the cost and time involved in completing it, get the following documents together and forward them to extended@kingswood.edu.

  • Ordination Certificate. You may take a photograph or scan your pocket credential.
  • High school transcript(s). A scan of an original is fine, though an original document will be necessary with a full application.
  • College or University transcript(s), if applicable. At this stage, an unofficial record is fine.
  • Ordination transcript from Wesleyan Headquarters. Email education@wesleyan.org to make this request.

Once all documents are submitted, we will contact you with an individualized degree completion plan that includes an estimate of expenses and a proposed timeline to completion.

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