Early Enrolment

We offer a selection of Early Enrolment courses for students in Grade 12. Students may enrol in up to six credit-hours of university-level courses per semester.


  • Earn high school credit towards graduation requirements.
  • Earn university credit towards a degree at Kingswood or one of the other four Wesleyan universities.
  • Courses are accepted at other post-secondary institutions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Courses are delivered fully online, providing access anywhere in the world.
  • Benefit from valuable experience in university-level academics.


  • Must be in Grade 12.
  • Minimum overall average of 85% (3.3 on a 4.0 scale)
  • Written approval of parent or guardian
  • Written approval of high school
  • Internet access


  • $100 per credit hour

Course Available:

Fall 2020 – September 14 – December 5
  • Old Testament Survey (OT 102)
  • Writing & Research (EN 135)
Spring 2021 – February 1 – April 30
  • General Psychology  (PS 104)
  • Introduction to Theology (TH 101)
  • New Testament Survey (NT 102)

Do you live close to campus and have the flexibility to take courses in a classroom setting? Additional courses are available for dual enrolment with your local high school and Kingswood University. Contact us for more information.

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