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Christian Counselling

Available as a program major or minor. Full course descriptions can be found in our catalogue.

Is this program for me?

Do you consider yourself to be a listener with a heart for hearing people share their hopes, fears, joys, and hurts with you? Do you desire to offer others wise counsel as an encouragement to them in life’s journey? If effective ministry through counselling is your goal, our Christian Counselling program may be the perfect fit.

Practical Ministry Experience

  • Develop your confidence and competence in using Christian counselling skills.
  • Develop a philosophy of Christian counselling that is Christ-centered and therapeutically relevant.
  • Learn how to counsel individuals and groups through classroom counselling practice sessions with fellow students, under the guidance of your professor.
  • Engage in practical ministry for three hours each week under supervision.
  • Complete a four-month internship in your fourth year under the supervision of an experienced counsellor in a counselling context.

Core Courses

  • Adolescent Psychology
  • Child Psychology
  • Introduction to Addiction
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Introduction to Counselling
  • Psychopathology
  • Crisis Counselling
  • Marriage and Family Counselling

Hear from professor Dr. Allen Lee how KU’s Christian Counselling course helps you prepare the foundational skills you need to pursue a Masters Degree and lay the groundwork for a future career in counselling. Meet your professor Dr. Allen Lee WATCH VIDEO CONNECT WITH ALLEN Allen Lee - Christian Counselling

What matters most to you matters to us.
Speak to an enrolment counsellor.

Our Kingswood Enrolment Counsellors want to hear how God is leading you and what you are most passionate about as you consider a life of purpose. They’ll answer your questions, help you determine your options, and pray with you about next steps. No pressure, no commitment – just a conversation with someone who understands that preparing for what matters most really matters.