Tuition income does not cover the entire cost of a student’s education. Substantial amounts must be raised each year by the University to cover the difference between what a student pays and the total cost of their education.

Therefore, each student is required to exhibit financial responsibility in the payment of their tuition and fees. Please note that the fees listed below are not applicable to all students. See Definition of Financial Charges for a description of all charges and fees.

All prices listed are in Canadian funds.

Fees Breakdown 2019 - 2020

  Semester Year
Tuition $5,600 $11,200
Standard Housing $1,400 $2,800
21 Meal Plan $2,160 $4,320
Campus Life Fee $220 $440
Spiritual Life Fee $125 $250
Semester One Resource Fee $500 $500
Total $10,005 $19,510

The above fees do not include textbooks. US and international students please note that all prices are in Canadian dollars. In addition, the International Student Medical Insurance of $550 must be purchased in the first semester.

12-16 credit hours - per semester $5,600
Less than 12 credit hours - per credit hour $370
More than 16 credit hours - per credit hour $350
Early Enrolment - per credit hour $100
Audit Rate - per audit hour $100
Music Lessons - one credit hour $560
Music Lesson Audit $375
Double Occupancy Semester Year
Standard Housing $1,400 $2,800
Premium Housing $1,650 $3,300
Single Occupancy (subject to availability)  
Standard Housing Fees plus additional $480 per semester
Family Housing Semester Year
2 Bedroom - Unfurnished $3,950 $7,900
2 Bedroom - Furnished $4,450 $8,900
3 Bedroom - Unfurnished $4,475 $8,950
3 Bedroom - Furnished $4,975 $9,950
Utilities are included, but telephone and satellite TV are extra. The semester rental periods are August 1 to December 31 and January 1 to May 31.
Semester Year
21 Meal Plan (21 meals per week) $2,160 $4,320
14 Meal Plan (14 meals per week) $2,060 $4,120
Townhouse Meal Plan (7 meals per week) $1,200 $2,400
Noon Meal Plan (5 meals per week) $590 $1,180
  Semester Year
Campus Life Fee $220 $440
Spiritual Life Fee $125 $250
Semester One Resource Fee $500 $500
Textbooks Fee (approx.) $250 $500
Praxis (some AA degrees) $455 $910
Music Lessons - 1 credit hour plus $560 $1,120
Music Lessons - 1 audit hour plus $375 $750
Room Reservation Fee/Damage Deposit   $100 upon acceptance
Tuition Deposit (off-campus students only)   $100 upon acceptance
Family Housing Deposit   $400 by July 15
Townhouse Family Housing Telephone $125 $250
Townhouse Family Housing Satellite TV $125 $250
Payment Plan Fee   $100 per semester
Late Payment Fee   $100 per occurrence
International Student Medical Insurance   $550 per year
Graduation Fee   $160 in the graduation semester

Explanation of Fees

Tuition: Tuition for students who enrol in twelve-sixteen credit hours per semester will be charged a flat rate of $5,600. Students enroling in more than sixteen credit hours per semester will pay an additional $350 per credit hour for every hour over sixteen credit hours. Part-time students, taking less than twelve credit hours per semester, will pay $370 per credit hour. Dual enrolment students, current high school students in grades eleven and twelve, are eligible to enrol in traditional on-campus courses and receive university-level credit at the rate of $100 per credit hour. Individuals sixty years or older will be eligible for the Senior Citizen rate of the current tuition or audit fee.

Audit Fee: This is a per hour fee charged to students who wish to attend a course but not receive academic credit. Full-time students can audit up to four credit hours per semester free of charge. Students who audit music lessons may have the audit fee waived but will still pay the music lesson fee.

Room Fee: This fee covers the charge for a dual occupancy dorm room. Room furnishings include drapes, beds, mattresses, dresser, chair, and desk. Bed and bath linens are not provided by the University. Students are responsible for the care of the room they occupy and the furnishings allotted to them. The dorms will be closed for Christmas and March break. They will reopen the day before classes resume. The first meal will be served at noon of that day.

Single Occupancy: Subject to the occupancy level, private rooms may be available. Requests for private rooms must be put on the Room Reservation form.

Family Housing: Kingswood has a limited number of two and three bedroom apartments (furnished and unfurnished) available for family housing. Utilities are included in the rental charge, but telephone and satellite TV are extra. The fall semester rental period is from August 1 to December 31, and the spring semester rental period is from January 1 to May 31.

Meal Plan: All resident students, except for townhouse residents, must choose the 14 or 21 meal plan. Townhouse family students and off-campus students may purchase any of the meal plans including the noon meal plan which provides a noon meal from Monday to Friday. Students cannot transfer their meal plan privileges.

Campus Life Fee: This fee is paid by all full-time students except for those doing their supervised ministry experience or student teaching. This fee provides resources to enhance the student's campus life experience while at Kingswood.

Spiritual Life Fee: This fee is paid by all full-time students except those doing their supervised ministry experience or student teaching. Resources from this fee are used to provide spiritual life opportunities, including the Pulse Day, which will enhance the student's experience while at Kingswood.

Semester One Resource Fee: All students will pay this one-time fee in their first semester as a full-time student. It covers the cost for an online biblical resource license which is an electronic tool and resource for Bible study. This resource is used in many Bible and theology classes.

Textbooks: The cost of textbooks is not included in tuition. Students are responsible to purchase the books required for their courses.

Praxis Fee: This fee covers the cost of many of the practical ministry experiences associated with the two-year and four-year Praxis programs. It is attached to each of the following courses, usually taken in a student’s first three semesters in the program: Regional Praxis l (SM 115), Regional Praxis ll (SM 116), and Urban Praxis (PX250).

Townhouse Family Housing Telephone and Satellite TV: Townhouse families may choose to purchase telephone and/or satellite TV services from the University. The cost for these services is in addition to the rental fee and paid on a per semester basis.

Music Lessons: This charge is for forty-five minutes of private instruction per week. In addition to the lesson fee, one credit hour will be added to the number of credit hours charged. Students who audit private music lessons will receive a thirty minute lesson.

Room Reservation Fee/Damage Deposit: All resident students must submit a $100 Room Reservation Fee/Damage Deposit to ensure a room assignment in the dormitory. Students submitting deposits after August 1 will be assigned a room subject to availability of space. Individuals who have paid this fee but do not plan to attend the University, or plan to live off-campus, are eligible for a full refund if they submit a written request prior to July 31 for the fall semester or December 31 for the spring semester. If a written request is not received by these dates, the Room Reservation Fee/Damage Deposit will not be refunded. At the end of the student's enrolment, this fee may be refunded. If the assigned room was damaged, costs incurred for repairs will be deducted from the refund amount. The Room Reservation Fee/Damage Deposit must be maintained at the $100 level throughout enrolment to ensure a room assignment.

Tuition Deposit: After initial acceptance, all off-campus students must submit a $100 tuition deposit before pre-registering for classes. Upon enrolment this fee will be applied to their student account. Individuals who have paid a tuition deposit but do not plan to attend the University are eligible for a refund upon submission of a written request prior to July 31 for the fall semester, or December 31 for the spring semester. If a written request is not received by these dates, the tuition deposit will not be refunded.

Family Housing Deposit: If a student is assigned a family apartment, they must submit a $400 deposit by July 15, to confirm their acceptance of that apartment. At the end of the rental period, this deposit may be refunded if the apartment was not damaged. If there are damages, the repair costs will be deducted from the refund amount.

Payment Plan Fee: If students do not pay their student account in full on Registration Day, they will be required to establish a payment plan and will be charged a Payment Plan fee.

Late Payment Fee: A late payment fee of $100 will be charged when a student fails to make a required payment.

International Student Medical Insurance: Upon enrolment all international students (including US students) are required to purchase the medical insurance plan provided through the University. The plan provides emergency medical coverage for the entire academic year. The premium will not be refunded if a student withdraws or is dismissed.

Graduation Fee: This fee is charged to all graduating students. It includes all items related to graduation including cap purchase, gown rental, and diploma.