Applying for US Federal Aid

American citizens and permanent residents studying full-time can apply for subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Loans, Parent Plus Loans, and/or Private Loans. A student may be eligible to borrow the maximum annual loan limit amount for each year of study.

These limits are effective for periods of enrolment during the Federal Student Aid fiscal year beginning on or after July 1st until June 30th. Students are expected to have their paperwork completed and submitted to Kingswood’s Financial Aid Office by July 15th.

Annual loan limits for dependent undergraduates:

Grade LevelBase AmountUnsubsidized LoanTOTALAdditional Unsubsidized
Loan if PLUS Denied
Total if PLUS Denied
Junior and Higher$5,500$2,000$7,500$5,000$12,500

How to Apply for US Federal Aid from your

  1. Create an FSA user ID.
  2. Complete FAFSA application online.
  3. Sign Loan Agreement / Master Promissory Note
  4. Email Request letter to KU – Download PDF
  5. Complete Entrance Counselling.
    • Go to Choose Entrance Counseling: Direct Loan. Only for students applying for the first time at KU.
  6. Complete Exit Counselling.
    • If you are in your last year at Kingswood go to and follow steps to complete Exit Counselling.

How to Apply for the Parent Plus Loan:

  1. Create your own FSAID – go to
  2. Sign Loan Agreement / Master Promissory Note

Note: If the parent has received an adverse credit decision the student can receive an additional unsubsidized loan (Contact the Director of Financial Aid at 1.506.432.4423).
Parents may still be eligible to receive a Direct PLUS Loan. To become eligible, you may take one of the following actions:

How to Apply for Private Loans/Sallie Mae:

Private Loans are available to students with a co-signer. If interested contact SALLIE MAE at and choose the “Private Student Loan” option.

Note: Banks will not lend money for foreign studies. Sallie Mae is the only private lender available outside of the US. This loan is in the student’s name; however, a co-signer is required.

Disbursement of Loans:
Loan monies come in two disbursements in late August and early January.

Student Financial Aid Contact Info: 
Shelley Vail – Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 506.432.4423 or 888.432.4444