MAPT Course Schedule


Course Delivery Schedule

2024-2025 MAPT Year at a Glance (PDF)

Course Delivery Modalities

The MAPT courses are all taken on-line:

  • The first course/class will include an introduction of the program to the cohort of students, then move into the content of the first course. The initial program orientation will introduce the students to 1) the schedule and modality of the program courses, and 2) to the concept of a “themed” set of assignments tailored to the needs of each student, culminating in a set of ministry resources for the capstone project/course.
  • All courses will be taken sequentially.
  • The sixth and final course will be composed of a capstone project in which students will revise and compile a set of ministry resources oriented on a particular need or theme they had earlier identified in the program

As an integral part of the MAPT program, each student will be required to engage in at least 20 hours of ministry per week for the full year of the program. This aspect of the student’s training will receive two levels of oversight: 1) general oversight by the Director of the MAPT program and 2) onsite oversight and mentoring by a Kingswood-approved colleague at the location of the student’s ministry assignment.

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