Presidential Scholarship Program

All full-time applicants for admission will be considered for this scholarship program.  Scholarships will be awarded using the following scale, and award amounts will be determined at the time of acceptance based on the student’s admissions average.  These scholarships are renewable each year if the specified cumulative GPA is achieved.

However, if at the end of any given semester a student’s cumulative GPA drops below 3.0 they will lose their scholarship.


Incoming GPA or %

Award per Year

Minimum cumulative GPA for Renewal

4 Year Total

President’s Scholarship of Distinction

3.90+ or 90%+
1800+ (SAT)
27 (ACT)




President’s Scholarship of Excellence

3.70-3.89 or 80-89.9%
1690-1800 (SAT)
25-26 (ACT)




President’s Scholarship of Merit

3.30-3.69 or 75-79.9%
1590-1680 (SAT)
23-24 (ACT)




Honours Recognition Banquet-8

Incoming GPA or percentage is based on:

  • Canadian & US students – percentage in academic/college preparation courses
  • International students – either SAT or ACT scores
  • All home school students – either SAT or ACT scores
  • Students transferring in – cumulative GPA if had been a full-time student, if not, high school transcript, SATs or ACTs

International Wesleyan Ministerial Scholarship (full block tuition scholarship)

Preparing Spiritual Leaders for The Wesleyan Church around the World

In its commitment to prepare spiritual leaders for The Wesleyan Church internationally, the International Wesleyan Ministerial Scholarship program provides assistance to students with potential as emerging Christian leaders from economically challenged countries of the world.


  • Renewable providing students maintain a minimum cum GPA of 3.0 and fully participate in the program.
  • Award: Full block tuition scholarship for degree requirements


  • Recommended through personal acquaintance by District, General, or Field Superintendent and Missionary
  • An exemplary student & spiritual leader
  • A member of The Wesleyan Church
  • A full-time, resident student accepted into a degree program at the University
  • A letter of intent expressing commitment to return to their home country for ministerial service in The Wesleyan Church

A working knowledge of the English language: TOEFL score minimum of 550 (paper based) or 80 (computer based)

For more information on how to apply for this scholarship contact Shelley Vail at 888.432.4422.

Entrance Scholarships 

(up to $350) List of Available Scholarships

All incoming freshmen are considered for one or more of these scholarships, which are awarded according to criteria established by the donor of the scholarship. Apply for this scholarship using the Financial Aid Application form: online form.

Wesleyan Campus Challenge/Wesleyan Bible Bowl Scholarships

(up to $1,000 per semester)

Kingswood University honors educational scholarship certificates awarded to winners in the WCC and WBB competitions. Recipients of WCC or WBB scholarships must submit their original signed certificate(s) to receive their scholarship award. Awards are disbursed as follows:

  • Up to $1,000 per semester or 1/8 of the total value of certificate(s), whichever is greater.
  • Combined total of WCC/WBB awards plus institutional financial aid cannot exceed the total costs of tuition during any semester.
  • Award amount is in Canadian dollars.

Please advise your Kingswood enrolment counsellor of the fact that you have the scholarship certificate(s) when applying for admission.

Returning Student Annual Scholarships 

(up to $4,500 per year) 

Current full-time Kingswood University students may apply for these scholarships which are awarded annually to returning students. They are awarded according to criteria established by scholarship donors.

Buckingham Leadership Scholarship

($1,000 per year)

Each year, a cohort of 10 outstanding students, all who demonstrate above average leadership potential, are selected for the Buckingham Scholars program. Dr. Buckingham hosts a mentoring event with these emerging leaders each month with the goal of encouraging them to achieve the fullest potential for God.

$100 Beverly & Gladys Wilson Memorial
$100 Bruce & Mary Bridgeo
$100 Class of 2004
$100 Eva & Robert Samuel Stevens Memorial
$100 Gordon & Jennie Bell Memorial
$100 Lucas & Loretta Branscombe Memorial
$100 Lulu Somers Haywood Memorial
$100 Tom Corey Memorial
$125 Crosspoint Wesleyan Church
$150 Douglas Stanley Churchill Memorial
$150 Tom Kent Memorial
$175 Milford & Lucy MacCallum Memorial
$200 Dr. & Mrs. H. Ralph & Kathleen Ingersoll
$200 Dr. William & Mrs. Wilma Burbury
$200 Edward Smith Memorial
$200 Glen McCrea Memorial
$200 John F. McElhinney, Sr. Memorial
$200 Kingswood Student Council
$200 Moncton Wesleyan Women
$200 Rev. John A. Stevens Memorial
$200 Wayne Melvin Harrington Church
$250 Elaine Ingalls Hogg Honourary
$250 James & Audrey Ingalls
$250 Mary Alice Rickard Memorial
$250 Woodstock Wesleyan Church
$275 Tim R. B. Mills Memorial
$300 Class of 2015
$300 Gilbert & Armina Ingersoll Memorial
$300 Missions
$300 Symonds/Brown Memorial
$325 Mrs. Ethel R. (Sabine) Mullen Memorial
$350 Harold & Eunice Tatton Memorial
$375 A. Franklin & Alice Pinch
$375 Frank & Leila Pinch Memorial
$375 Frank & Leila Pinch Memorial
$375 Marguerite Collins & Ruth Collins Fisher Music
$400 Carmen MacCallum Memorial
$400 Kathy Backman Fancy Memorial
$450 Harold E.  & Annie L. Carson Memorial
$450 Harold E.  & Annie L. Carson Memorial
$450 Harold E.  & Annie L. Carson Memorial
$500 Aramark
$500 Atlantic District Wesleyan Churches Southern NS Zone
$500 Elizabeth Phillips Memorial
$500 Graham Memorial
$500 Havelock NS Wesleyan Church Missions
$500 Mission Legacy
$500 Mrs. Della E. Cruickshank/Bonnie Lea Scott Memorial
$500 Otis Hockey
$500 Salt Springs Church
$525 Bernard DeMerchant Memorial
$650 Ed & Wilma Wissbroecker Honourary
$650 Lauretta MacCallum Memorial
$675 Edna C. Lennox Memorial 
$700 Rev. E. W. Tokley Memorial
$750 Junior & Marjorie Currie Memorial
$750 R & J Starks Women in Ministry
$750 Ritenburgh
$800 Leslie Black Memorial
$825 Rev. Handley Mullen Memorial
$1,000 Buckingham Leadership Scholarship
$1,000 C. E. Stairs Memorial 
$1,000 David Boutilier Memorial
$1,000 Donald & Marie Harding
$1,000 Dr. Orval C. Butcher Memorial
$1,000 KU Golf Classic
$1,000 Ivan & Elaine Ricker Memorial
$1,000 Kontrol Automation
$1,100 H.K. & M.N. Sheets Memorial
$1,125 Marion Trouten
$1,200 Dr. Daniel Heinz Memorial
$1,300 Branscombe-MacCallum Memorial
$1,400 Ruth Black
$2,000 KU Golf Classic
$2,000 Robert K. Murphy Internship
$2,400 Dr. B. Frank Ogden Memorial
$2,400 Dr. B. Frank Ogden Memorial
$2,500 Boyd Carson
$2,500 Dean Edgett Memorial
$2,500 Josiah & Leah Smith Church Planting
$2,500 Josiah & Linda Smith Church Planting
$2,500 Rev. Hazen & Norma Lee Ricker Memorial 
$2,500 Saunders Honourary
$3,000 Edward Rose Memorial
$3,000 KU Golf Classic
$4,500 Lorne & Dorcas Pinch

Returning Student Annual Scholarship Application