Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology (MAPT) is a streamlined 36 credit hour master’s degree that integrates scripture and biblical theology into the practices of pastoral leadership. This degree focuses on how theology forms and informs our practice of worship, evangelism, discipleship, and our ideas regarding the nature of the church, and spiritual formation.

At Kingswood we highly value both theory and practical application, both historical connections and current innovations. We do not see these as separate fields of interest, but as partners in real-life ministry.  Real-life problems demand a real-life biblical response. If we do not have a well-developed theological foundation to undergird our ministry, we run the risk of building the Church on programs rather than on Christ.

That is why this fully accredited degree is designed especially for those currently engaged in ministry, and is purposeful in relating the relevant issues facing those in ministry and to those under their spiritual care.
This degree aims to provide a learning environment which is:

Integrated - marrying theology and praxis

Innovative - adapting biblical and theological principles to current ministries

Experienced-based - working theology int the context of YOUR local ministry

Spiritually-enriching - taking you deeper in Christ

Communal - learning together with your classmates

Economical - providing maximum benefit at an affordable cost

Flexible - meeting the particular needs of each student's ministry setting

The purpose is to equip ministry leaders with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to lead their congregations to maximum spiritual and missional impact.

One of the strengths of the Kingswood campus experience is its focus on spiritual formation.  Integrated into the degree will be opportunities to develop an understanding of, and skill in the use of, personal and corporate spiritual disciplines.  Students in the MAPT degree will have opportunity to participate in key spiritual formation events at Kingswood University such as Ignite, Infuse, and Incite.

One of the strengths of the MAPT degree lies in its structure of delivery: each class will form a learning community, sharing with each other their real-life experiences, insights, and questions.

These learning communities will begin on campus in a one week “intensive” in which participants will build community through worship and the critical discussion of the components of the MAPT program.  Communities will meet regularly in person or in a virtual classroom in a number of different venues on and off campus.

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Rev. Kenneth F. Gavel, Ph.D.

There are many resources available to a pastor today that can be used to enrich his or her ministry. But there is no substitute for the guided process of reading, thinking, and reflecting about ministry with those who understand it best, and with those who are doing it now. For that reason I have no greater sense of fulfillment than to help my colleagues discover the keys that unlock the potential of their ministries through the Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology degree program.

Rev. Kenneth F. Gavel, Ph.D.
Associate VP for Graduate Studies