Betty Weatherby, D.W.S.

Program Director and Adjunct Professor of Worship Leading

After serving her local church as a lay music ministry person for several years, in 1993 Betty Weatherby began teaching in Kingswood’s music ministry program. It was there that her interest in the broader field of worship theology began to germinate.

“God is speaking a fresh word to the Church by drawing attention and bringing renewal to its worship practices,” says Dr. Weatherby. “I see a hunger in this generation for substantive worship which has the potential for long-term spiritual formation.”

The worship leading program at Kingswood is on the cutting edge of a movement, grounding the worship of the contemporary church in theological truth which has ancient roots.

Dr. Weatherby has taught piano and music theory, and directed church choirs, musicals, and the university choir. She and her husband David, her “strongest supporter,” have three children and nine grandchildren. She enjoys sewing, knitting, sailing, and motorbiking.


2013 - D.W.S., Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies, Orange Park, FL
Dissertation Title: "Implementing Ancient-Future Worship In Chapel at Kingswood University"
1997 - M.A. (Sacred Music), Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, FL
1977 - A.R.C.T. Associateship from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Piano Teaching
1976 - B.S.M., Tyndale University, College, & Seminary, Toronto, ON


  • Applied Music (Piano)
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Theology of Worship
  • Music Theory for Worship Leading

Contact Information

Phone: 506.432.4463
Fax: 506.432.4425
Office Location: Wesley Hall

Dr. Weatherby's Posts

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    Participants in the Story

    “Though God is the subject of worship, acting among the people, it is the people of God who remember God’s story, not as an audience, but as true participants in the very story that tells the truth about the world and all of human existence. The two sides of this substance in worship are the...
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    Learning the Heartbeat of God

    Acquiring knowledge, skills, and character are all components in maturing leadership. We want our curriculum to inform, shape, and engage our Kingswood students to grow more like Christ, to become servant leaders for fulfilling the Great Commission. PULSE is a day set apart for specific attention to spiritual formation, to focus on becoming a Chris...
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    Visiting “Their Children” in El Salvador

    Over the past thirty years, Dr. Betty Weatherby and David, her husband, have sponsored children through Compassion Canada. Last month they were able to join this ministry on an exposure trip to El Salvador with the intent to visit Jonathan, a child whom they have been sponsoring for the last three years. They discovered that God had so much more in...
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    Thoughts on Worship

    When the church fails to think theologically, the local assembly opens itself to being “…driven and tossed by the wind…” (James 1:6, NKJV) When it fails to ground worship theologically, the local assembly opens itself  to a pragmatism that makes attracting the masses its raison d’etre. When it fails to see itself on the continuum...