Discover Sussex & Beyond 

Kingswood University is nestled in the heart of one of Canada’s many delightful small towns—Sussex, New Brunswick. It is located right next to the Kennebecasis River and its upper campus overlooks the picturesque Sussex countryside.

Sussex contains all of the amenities for comfortable small town life. The pace is relaxed; locals are friendly; and the town is a safe place for all. Home to Atlantic Canada’s largest hot air balloon fiesta, Sussex is also the Mural Capital of Atlantic Canada, featuring 27 stunning murals painted on buildings all throughout the town. 

Sussex has the advantage of being located within 40-50 minutes of two of New Brunswick’s largest cities Moncton and Saint John and is only 90 minutes from NB's capital Fredericton. All three cities feature delicious Maritime cuisine, artisan markets, theatres, art galleries, shopping, and much more.

We invite you to visit us here at Kingswood University to discover just what we have to offer and what a wonderful place in which Kingswood is located. Contact us today!

The Sussex Nature Trail

The Sussex Nature Trail is an extensive trail system that winds its way between Sussex and Sussex Corner, following Trout Creek. There are many benches along the trail for you to stop to enjoy nature. Our students participate in the annual Turkey Trot (five km run) along this lovely trail.

Atlantic Balloon Fiesta

Up! Up and away! Every September, Sussex holds its colourful Atlantic Balloon Fiesta. You will see up to thirty hot air balloons fly twice daily. The Fiesta also includes an outdoor bandstand, huge indoor market, amusement rides, and other fun activities for all.

Quiddy Falls

Quiddy Falls is an “off the beaten track” adventure across the river, through the woods, down a “mini” cliff to reach the beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. Besides Quiddy Falls, there are also seven other falls within the area for further adventuring. It is well-worth the trek!

The Bluffs

Ready to experience an absolutely breathtaking view? The Bluffs, located minutes out of Sussex Corner, are a popular spot for locals. Climb along the ridge amongst the trees, until you reach the opening to suddenly stand in awe at the stunning Sussex valley before you.

Poley Mountain

Located a mere ten kilometres from Sussex, Poley Mountain is the ideal place to strap on a pair of skis and glide down its majestic slopes. Poley has over thirty trails, for both day and night skiing experiences. It also caters to both the beginner and the advanced-level skiers.

St. Martins Sea Caves

The tiny hamlet of St. Martins contains a “hidden” gem – their sea caves. As the gateway to the Fundy Trail, these sea caves are just one example of the absolutely stunning landscapes throughout the area. They beckon the explorer to come within.

Hopewell Rocks / Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is one of the seven wonders of North America and one of the natural wonders of the world. It boasts of the highest tides on earth. Head to Hopewell Rocks to walk along the ocean floors in the shadows of these magnificent rock formations.

The Ice Caves

Have you ever climbed inside a cave’s mouth, hidden behind a wall of ice? Talk about giant icicles. The water flowing over these caves creates a wall of ice during the wintertime. Head to the Midland Ice Caves just outside of Sussex to experience this fun opportunity!

Irving Nature Park

The Irving Nature Park contains six different ecosystems within the 600-acre park, an eleven kilometre Bay of Fundy coastline, eight walking trails, a seal observation deck, and a lookout tower with a 360 degree view of the whole area. The park is located just outside of Saint John.

Saint John

(45 minutes from Sussex) - Founded in 1604 by explorer Samuel De Champlain, Saint John is the oldest incorporated city in Canada. This picturesque port city overlooks the world-famous Bay of Fundy, making it a delight to visit. It contains the Saint John City Market, the oldest continuing farmer’s market in Canada and offers exceptional dining and shopping ventures along its waterfront.


(50 minutes from Sussex) - As the largest city in New Brunswick, Moncton has been dubbed the “Hub City.” It is the central destination for shopping for all the surrounding areas, including for many Nova Scotians and Prince Edward Islanders. Besides shopping, Moncton has a beautiful downtown with many diverse restaurants and cafes. It is famous for its Magnetic Hill, the Magnetic Hill Zoo, and Magic Mountain water park and fun zone. It is also home to the Tidal Bore and the Chocolate River.   


(90 minutes from Sussex) - Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, contains not only its stately New Brunswick Legislature, where all governmental affairs for NB are conducted, but also has the mighty Saint John River running through the heart of the city. Featuring a prominent arts scene, it is home to the largest number of working artisans per capita in all of Canada. Expect an artsy experience when exploring this lovely city.


(2.5 hours from Sussex) - Charlottetown, PEI’s capital, is proudly known as the birthplace of Confederation. It was here that the Fathers of Confederation met to form the British North American Union, now known as our glorious country of Canada. It also is home to the world-famous musical Anne of Green Gables (based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's famous books) and now its Anne and Gilbert musical. It has everything to offer – history, cuisine, the arts, and architecture. It is simply a must-see place to visit!


(3.5 hours from Sussex) - As the capital of Nova Scotia and the largest city in the Maritimes, Halifax is bustling with constant activity. Wander along its waterfront. Browse through its large indoor market next to the harbour. Check out all of the many unique shops and restaurants lining the downtown streets. Stroll through the beautiful public gardens and climb up to Citadel Hill. Halifax is truly an unforgettable experience!



AddressPhone Number
A&W657 Main Street506.433.6016
All Seasons Inn & Restaurant1015 Main Street506.433.2220
Buchanan’s Backyard Grill600 Main Street506.433.5446
Dairy Queen282 Main Street 506.433.4310
Greco Pizza654 Main Street506.432.6060
JJ's Diner216 Roachville Road506.433.3470
Kentucky Fried Chicken140 Main Street506.433.5156
Kwan's Restaurant3 Winter Street506.433.2332
McDonald's160 Main Street506.432.6677
Pizza Delight808 Main Street506.432.2017
Pizza Stop625 Main Street506.433.3334
Smitty's110 Main Street506.433.2575
Subway581 Main Street506.433.4059
Sushi Jo612 Main Street506.432.1444
Taste & See609 Main Street506.433.2555
Burger King180 Main Street 506.944.4400
Tim Horton's130 Main Street506.432.6057
Tim Horton's638 Main Street506.432.1090
Off the Rail Cafe572 Main Street 506.944.9000
Pizza Shack 52 Wheeler Road506.433.4299
Sully's Ice Cream Parlour66 Broad Street 506.433.4487