Kingswood Extended - Hybrid Courses

Do you have a vision for your church’s mission and mandate that is bigger than you? Equip your people to lead with you!

Kingswood Extended Hybrid Courses are designed to facilitate leadership growth and practical ministry preparation through on-site mentoring by you or your staff. We want to partner with you as you lead your lay ministry teams to greater effectiveness for Kingdom impact.

Hybrid courses introduce a cohort model of certificate-level education that allows students to gain the knowledge and practical ministry preparation they need to be effective Kingdom leaders in an environment of accountability and encouragement. These courses meet the academic requirements for licensing and ordination in The Wesleyan Church but are specifically designed for pastors and ministry leaders who are looking for solutions to effectively train and equip their lay people for ministry at any level.

The critical component of our Hybrid courses is the on-site mentoring you or a member of your staff will engage in with the cohort. Every two weeks, you will have opportunity to discuss what your lay people are learning, answer any questions the study material has generated, apply their learning to your unique ministry context, and continue to invest in their leadership development. We provide the course structure, curriculum, grading, and feedback, so you are free to simply pour into your people in a way that enriches their experience, maximizes their growth, and equips them for greater effectiveness in their local ministry.

Hybrid courses operate on a 13-week schedule, allowing for twelve weeks of active learning and one week of post-course work.

Students will complete approximately 50 hours of reading and writing assignments through independent study, submitting their work on a determined schedule to their Kingswood Extended instructor for grading and feedback.  Every two weeks, they will gather with you or a staff member for a mentoring session. These sessions typically run for four hours and are a combination of processing the material together from the past two weeks, collaborating on practical application to your local context, and continued leadership development from your seasoned ministry perspective. You will have six mentoring sessions (approximately 24 hours total) with your cohort over the duration of the course.

At the end of the course, final grades will be determined by the Kingswood Extended course instructor and grades will be submitted to the Division of Education and Clergy Development for those students who may be interested in pursuing licensing or ordination in The Wesleyan Church.

Expand the course title to see the detailed description.

An introduction to hermeneutics (the art of biblical interpretation) through the study of the principles of induction, the development of inductive skills, and the use of various reference tools which are applied to specific books of the Bible.

This course is an overview of the Old Testament that aims to familiarize students with the over-arching story of the Bible as seen through the Old Testament. This course will give attention to the Torah (first five books of the OT), the history of the nation of Israel until the time of the second Temple, the major and minor prophets, and poetry and wisdom literature. Challenges relating to its proper understanding and application will be explored.

This course is an overview of the New Testament that aims to familiarize students with the over-arching story of the Bible as seen through the New Testament.  The course will give attention to the Gospels of Jesus Christ, the history of the Early Church (Acts), the Pauline Epistles, Catholic Epistles, and Revelation. Challenges relating to its proper understanding and application will be explored.

This course introduces each of the main areas in Systematic Theology: Authority of Scripture; Theology proper, Theological anthropology, Hamartiology, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology. The aim is to teach the major doctrines of Christian Faith in general, with additional study concerning unique areas in Wesleyan Theology. At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to analyze and apply Systematic Theology concepts to their personal faith, as well as share these concepts in helpful ways with those to whom they minister.

(Currently under development – Available Spring 2019)

(Currently under development – Available Spring 2019)

Note: Our Hybrid course development schedule is currently prioritizing the courses required for licensing in The Wesleyan Church. We are also happy to develop courses based on demand. If you have a course from the list below that would best suit your ministry context and the leadership growth critical to your team development, we would be happy to work with you to develop the curriculum to serve your needs. Please contact the Director of Kingswood Extended for more information.

Additional Courses to be Developed:

  • Introduction to Homiletics
  • Christian Education
  • Evangelism/Church Health
  • Advanced Theology
  • Expository Preaching
  • Pastoral Ministries
  • Wesleyan History & Discipline
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Global & Intercultural Ministries
  • Worship
  • Pastoral Counselling
  • Doctrine of Holiness


Participation in the mentoring sessions is an essential component of the course structure, providing a means of interaction, accountability, and encouragement, and will be necessary to meet the academic requirement for successful course completion. Any student who is absent for more than four hours of the mentoring sessions forfeits the entire course. 

Submitting Course Work

All course work is submitted through Pathwright, the online Learning Management System used by Kingswood Extended. On-site mentors will also be given access to the course in Pathwright so they can track their cohort’s progression through the material and be aware of all concepts and assignments their students are working through.

All course work will be due at the end of the thirteenth week of the course. Late submissions will be penalized a 10% grade reduction per week after the deadline.

Extension of up to two weeks may be granted prior to the final due date, at the discretion of the instructor and with the recommendation of the on-site mentor, without penalty. Extensions beyond two weeks for extenuating circumstances will require approval from the Director of Kingswood Extended and may result in a reduction of the final grade for the course.

Work submitted three weeks after the deadline, without an extension for extenuating circumstances, will not be accepted and will result in a failing grade for the course.


Students will receive a numerical final grade. A final grade of 76% or above is required to fulfill the academic requirements for credentialing in The Wesleyan Church. Syllabi will include the evaluation guidelines for assessing submitted work.

Plagiarism & Other Academic Dishonesty

Flame Courses follow the plagiarism and academic dishonesty guidelines established by Kingswood University. For more information, please consult the policies outlined in the Kingswood Catalogue.


All fees are listed in Canadian funds.

Hybrid courses are $175 Canadian per student, plus books and materials. This reduced cost, (when compared to Flame and Correspondence courses), reflects the investment of the on-site mentor in sharing the responsibility of teaching the course material. It is also intended as an incentive to help groups of people within a church journey together as a cohort, recognizing there is strength and synergy in numbers that will only benefit the individual’s educational experience and the overall health of the church.

Refund Policy

Refunds for course fees are calculated on the following basis:

  • 100% within fourteen days of the start date
  • No refund after fourteen days

Hybrid courses have been developed to serve you and your church. To that end, we will work with you to determine the best time to start a course, based on your church calendar and the ebb and flow of your local ministry.

Please contact our office to start the conversation on how we can partner with you as you lead your lay ministry teams to even greater effectiveness.

Erik Ireland
Director of Kingswood Extended


  • When I first heard Dr. Lennox announce Kingswood Extended at the Chesapeake District Conference last summer, I was excited. I knew this was something that would work for those at Healing Place Church interested in pursuing ministry. We had our first meeting with the potential participants and my conviction was confirmed by the excitement and energy of everyone in the room. God is up to something and I am glad we are on the front end of it with the hybrid course model of Kingswood Extended.

    Moe Diggs, Pastor, Healing Place Church
  • Kingswood Extended has been an incredible tool for Mosaic Midtown Church. Combining the academic classes with frontline ministry is providing the necessary training for those sensing a call into full time ministry. We appreciate the flexibility that Kingswood Extended provides for our adults working full time jobs and doing ministry preparation at the same time. One of the highlights for me as their Pastor is meeting every other week to provide support and encouragement along with practical ministry tips. If you have individuals or small groups feeling a call into ministry, I strongly recommend Kingswood Extended!

    Rev. Mick Veach, Pastor, Mosaic Midtown Church
  • I'm excited to partner with Kingswood Extended and better equip our people to say yes to God!

    Lead Missionary, Overflow Church