Kingswood Extended

Kingswood Extended is an initiative of Kingswood University that allows for the delivery of ministry education at any level – certificate, undergraduate, graduate – through any available means of delivery – off-site, online, hybrid, correspondence, directive – to any person, church, or group of churches, anywhere.

In a nutshell – Kingswood Extended is here to serve you as you strive to reach your ministry education goals!

We believe ministry education can be pursued while still meeting the demands of family, work, and life. To that end, Kingswood Extended has off-campus education options to fit your busy schedule without compromising academic excellence or practical ministry application.

For those looking to prepare for effective ministry in the local church, Kingswood Extended offers a large selection of non-credit courses through three distinct delivery options: Correspondence, Flame, and Hybrid. While these courses are open to any individual in pursuit of Christian higher education, they also meet the academic requirements for licensing and credentialing in The Wesleyan Church through the Department of Education and Clergy Development. For more information or to register, please follow the links on this page.

In addition to Hybrid, Flame and Correspondence Courses, Kingswood Extended serves students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees through a selection of online and directed study courses. These courses have been developed to meet the needs of individuals looking to earn university credit who may not be able to attend campus classes, need only a few courses or credits to finish their degree requirements, or who need the flexibility for their schedule that a non-traditional delivery model provides.

Contact us today to start the conversation about how Kingswood Extended can partner with you to meet your ministry training goals.

Andrea Gunter, MBA
Director of Kingswood Extended

As a wife, a home-educating mother to four teenagers, and a part-time staff pastor at my local church, when the time came to pursue my graduate studies I knew that I needed an option that wouldn’t require me to move to campus or spend my day in a traditional classroom setting. I understand firsthand how important the flexibility is that off-campus education options provide to adult learners who want to pursue God’s direction in their lives. I am committed to serving you with that same understanding. You have options, and I want to help you make them work for you.

For more information, please contact Andrea:
(506) 432-4459 (Office)
(506) 567-0743 (Cell)