Alive is a worship band that travels to youth groups and camps to help students grow closer to Christ.
June 19 – 24 Wisconsin District Youth Camp Wisconsin District, TWC
June 27 – 1 Tri-State District Student Camp Tri-State District, OK, TWC
July 2 – 8 East MI Family Camp East Michigan District, TWC
July 11 – 15 East MI District Youth Camp East Michigan District, TWC
July 17 – 23 Riverside Camp Sr. High Atlantic District, TWC
July 24 – 29 Riverside Camp Jr. High Atlantic District, TWC
July 31 – August 7 VBS- Kathy Shanks Atlantic District, TWC
August 7 – August 13 Cape Breton One Hope Canada
August 14 – August 19 Shiktehawk Bible Camp Northwest Association of Baptist Churches

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Name: Noah Travis
Year: 4
Program: BA in Ministry, Evangelism, Compassion Ministry, Social Justice track (Praxis)
Home State: Indiana
Home Camp: NTS IWU
Hobbies/Passions: Music, writing, coffee, and puppies
Favourite Bible Verse: Every verse in Ephesians
Favourite Colour: Is black a Colour?
Favourite Food: All of it
Bucket List: Travel the world, write music, write poetry, drink coffee
Most Desired Super Power: To be like Spiderman
Name: Grace Young
Year: 4th Year
Program: BA in Ministry, Worship Leading Track
Home Province: New Brunswick
Home Camp: Beulah Camp, Browns Flat NB
Hobbies/Passions: Art, pottery, music, playing board games with friends and family, singing, being in creation, worshiping the Father through all of the above
Favourite Bible Verse: 2 Timothy 1:7
Favourite Colour: Beige
Favourite Food: Ice Cream
Bucket List: Sing in a 200+ person choir, live in a tiny house, learn to play the upright bass, visit Germany
Most Desired Super Power: To be an Airbender!
Name: Taylor Giffen
Year: 2nd Year
Program: BA in Global Ministry
Province: Nova Scotia
Home Camp: Camp Pagweak
Hobbies/Passions: Travel, culture, music, and NSYNC 🙂
Favourite Bible Verse: Philippians 2:8-10
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Food: sushi
Bucket List: Master the fiddle, travel to Israel, perform in a orchestra, drive a motorcycle
Most Desired Super Power: Ability to fly. Sure beats running …
Name: Brecken Phillips
Year: 3rd Year
Program: BA in Ministry, Worship Leading Track
Province: Nova Scotia
Home Camp: Caton’s Island
Hobbies/Passions: Music, audio engineering, camping, tree climbing, cat shirts
Favourite Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6
Favourite Colour: Orange
Favourite Food: Tacos
Bucket List: Own a pet koala, visit Italy, hug a tiger, write and record an ‘album’s worth’ of songs
Most Desired Super Power: Time travel- to be able to re-live my best memories and change the not-so-good ones.