Emily Pickert, M.A.

Enrolment Administrative Assistant

Emily has recently joined the enrolment team here at Kingswood. As the new enrolment administrative assistant, she exudes a joyful spirit and a quick-witted, fun-loving nature that all can appreciate.

Emily grew up in western New York but now considers Sussex her home. She has gotten to know many within the Sussex community through working at the Wallace Funeral Home as the office assistant. In addition, she is already a well-known face at Kingswood since she studied here not so long ago.

In 2010, after hearing Dean of Campus Life Kirk Sabine speak about Kingswood at her church and sensing God’s strong leading, Emily enrolled at Kingswood. In 2014, she graduated with the Bachelor of Theology, and then in 2015, she obtained the Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology. She is thrilled to be working at her alma mater. She says,

I strongly believe in Kingswood’s mission. What excites me the most is witnessing lives truly transformed. My favourite thing is to see a student come in their first year and then watch them transformed over their four years here.

Emily witnessed this same transformation during her time at Kingswood. She can say with absolute confidence that she's not the same person who walked onto the Kingswood campus from New York.

Emily is also part of the volunteer pastoral staff team at Sussex Wesleyan Church, helping to oversee the area of Media Communications. She is a licensed minister in The Wesleyan Church and is working toward being ordained.

Emily values time spent with family and friends, enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and travelling.


2015 - M.A., Kingswood University, Sussex, NB
2014 - Th.B., Kingswood University, Sussex, NB

Contact Information

Phone: 506.432.4422
Fax: 506.432.4442
Email: pickerte@kingswood.edu
Office Location: 89 Summit Avenue