Legacy Giving

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In the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30), Jesus encourages us to be stewards of what He has entrusted into our care. He encourages us to manage our assets wisely so that they will grow and multiply. The “good and faithful servants” of the parable were those who chose to make the most of what their Master entrusted to them.

Planned giving simply means considering all that God has entrusted you with both assets and income, and then prayerfully deciding the best options to fulfill obligations to loved ones and to honour God. For most of us, assets make up the bulk of our estate. To be a faithful servant, we must be good stewards of our assets as well as our income.

A legacy gift from your assets to Kingswood University will in many cases be made without negatively impacting your current income. It may even create some financial advantages for you when viewed within the context of your overall financial plan. Anyone can experience the joy of making a planned gift. You do not have to be wealthy. Check this list for suggestions on the many Ways to Give a charitable donation.

Because these gifts typically require advance planning, you should seek the advice of an attorney, financial advisor, or tax advisor. The Wesleyan Church provides confidential counsel at no cost to prospective donors who want to explore making a planned gift to a Wesleyan ministry, including Kingswood University.

Most legacy gifts benefit you, your family, and the Kingdom. Planned gifts provide an opportunity to make a difference during your lifetime and beyond by leaving a legacy that makes a powerful statement about your Christian values and stewardship.

Kingswood University is a registered charity in Canada and the U.S.A. The University issues tax-deductible donation receipts for both countries.

For more information on Legacy Giving:

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