Phone Directory

Main Switchboard 506.432.4400

Main Fax 506.432.4425

Main Toll-Free 888.432.4444

After Hours Campus Contacts

Men’s Resident Director – Jonathan Grimes – 506.432.4448 or 506.432.0226 (Mobile)

Women’s Resident Director – Lyndsay Pearson – 506.433.6271 or 506.435.4414 (Mobile)

VP for Campus Life – Kirk Sabine – 506.434.2356 (Mobile)


President’s Office 506.432.4411

Academic Affairs 506.432.4460

Alumni 506.432.4411

Finance Office 506.432.4400

Campus Life 506.432.4428


Donor Engagement 506.432.4411

Enrolment 506.432.4422

Staff and Faculty

Office of the President

President - Steve Lennox506.432.4411
President's Office Manager - Debbie Benson506.432.4411

Donor Engagement

VP for Donor Engagement - Allen Price506.432.4404
Alumni Relations Director - Rod Guptill506.432.4414

Academic Department

VP for Academic Affairs - Janet Starks506.432.4407
Academic Receptionist - Amanda McFadzen506.432.4460
Registrar - Marilee Rodgerson506.432.4406
Old Testament Studies - Clinton Branscombe506.432.4466
Associate VP for Graduate Studies and Biblical
& Theological Studies - Kenneth Gavel
Christian Counselling - Allen Lee506.432.4419
Christian School Education - Doug Graham506.432.4472
General Studies - David Trouten506.432.4473
Global Ministry - Matthew Friedman506.432.4462
Director of Pulse - Josh Smith506.432.4465
Pastoral Ministry & Church Planting - Stephen Elliott506.432.4464
Praxis - Mike MacNeil506.432.4467
Worship Arts Program - Betty Weatherby506.432.4463
Office Manager - Eileen Gavel506.432.4429
Director of Worship -506.432.4449
Director of Library Services - Virnna Sabine506.432.4417
Library Assistant - Amanda McFadzen506.432.4427
Sound Technician - Scott Trafton506.433.0554
Director of Kingswood Extended - Andrea Gunter506.432.4459

Campus Life

VP for Campus Life - Kirk Sabine506.432.4408
Administrative Assistant - Judy Kearley506.432.4428
Men’s Resident and Athletic Director - Jonathan Grimes506.432.4448
Women’s Resident Director - Lyndsay Pearson506.433-6271

Finance & Operations

VP for Finance & Operations - Ivan R. Graham506.432.4403
Cashier/Receptionist - Jo-ette Branscombe506.432.4400
Financial Officer - Rob McMillan506.432.4413
Plant Operations Manager - Randy Forbes506.434.1318
Maintenance Facilitator - David Walker506.435.0207
Director of Food Services - Greg Mann506.432.4478
Assistant Cook - Lynn Paris506.432.4478
Assistant Cook - Bonnie Hatheway506.432.4478
Director of Housekeeping - Dianne Hornbrook506.432.4478


VP for Enrolment - Brittany Trafton506.432.4402
Director of Financial Aid - Shelley Vail506.432.4423
Director of Enrolment - Angela Flewelling506.432.4422
Enrolment Counsellor - Lindsey Budovitch506.432.4424
Enrolment Counsellor - Brock MacDonald506.432.4412


Director of Information Systems - Dean Landry506.432.4492


Director of Marketing - Jason Donelle506.432.4458