Ken (FS’ 11) and Melissa (’08) Davis Ken and Melissa have both been appointed to Trinity Wesleyan Church in Sunbury, PA. Melissa will be the new Missions Pastor and Ken the Creative Arts and Outreach Pastor.
I sat down to interview Kingswood faculty member Professor Brent Dongell. Professor Dongell is the program director of our Youth Ministry program. He is also the director of our Pulse days.
Eileen and I just got back from a scouting trip to Newfoundland. We wanted to ensure everything is as good as it can be for our Vision Tour to Newfoundland in September.

God is still calling

One of the chief reasons for Kingswood University’s existence is to prepare men and women for vocational ministry. This infographic from a recent Barna study contains fascinating insights into how that call tends to come ( We recognize that calling people to vocational ministry is God’s business, occurring by His sovereign will, in His way,