An Unreliable Guide

In challenging times, a trustworthy guide is always welcome. Unfortunately, Yuval Harari is not such a guide.  Although a respected author with impeccable credentials, Dr. Harari ultimately disappoints, overconfidently promising but underdelivering. My problem with this book is not its overwhelmingly pessimistic tone. For all I know about biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence (admittedly next to

We Will Rebuild

Out of the ashes comes the cry, “We will rebuild!”  This was said after the mass murders in New York City on 9-11.  It is said after devastating earthquakes and floods.  And this week it was said after fire gutted Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. “We will rebuild.” As with many of these events, there

The Torn Curtain

  Good Friday is upon us. As some have already noted, it came early to Notre Dame Cathedral. Since the fire on Monday over 600M euros have been pledged to rebuild the iconic structure. This great outpouring of support was initially hailed by the masses on social media, but now pushback has begun. Some are

Protein Your Theology

Jesus said to them ” My meat is to do the will of the one who sent me, and to finish his work.” -Matthew 4:34 When Paul calls out some Christians in Hebrews for still needing spiritual milk when they should be into meatier matters of faith, most of us interpret this as learning more