Signs + Wanderings

This summer I ended up in Guatemala on three separate missions with groups from New York, California, and the Maritimes. I enjoyed all the planned ministry with each team, but the best moments are always the ones not on the schedule. The moments where God sets you up. One day on our way driving back
Fourth year B.A. in Ministry student Caleb MacCallum has learned to always be obedient to the Holy Spirit, no matter where that may take him. He had the opportunity to help lead Kingswood University’s Ecclesia* team this summer. Caleb’s most memorable moment came from Ecclesia’s trip to Toronto. He acknowledges, “I look back, and I

11 Tips For Getting Better Grades

  As the hammocks come out and students get back into university life, here are a few tips for getting better grades this year! “If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else!” –Unknown- 1 Do ALL Of The Work Don’t get a “0” on an assignment by choice. Commit to always turning in something. To
I was delighted to sit down and chat with Dr. Betty Weatherby, the program director of our Worship Leading program. She has such a passion for training our students to lead through worship. How long have you been teaching here at Kingswood? What were you doing before you came to here? I’ve been teaching here