The Ecclesia Project is a team of five KU students in partnership with up to ten (for each project) 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who are sent out to serve in either a global, urban, or local ministry environment. Ecclesia is intended to give student hands on experience in kingdom building ministry while providing one-on-one mentorship with Kingswood University students. While experiencing different cultures and hands on ministry our hope is that everyone involved would gain a better understanding of the Kingdom, ministry and the call of God on their lives.

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1. Apply for Ecclesia online right here.
2. Have your pastor fill out a reference form here.

Early Bird application date is February 14, 2015. Apply by the early bird date for a chance to win something awesome! Application Deadline: March 13, 2015.

Students will have the opportunity to lead ministry locally in the Maritime Provinces. There will be 2 separate maritime trips:

Maritime Project I (NS) – July 29 – August 6, 2015
Cost – $500

Maritime Project II (NB) – August 8 – August 16, 2015
Cost – $500

*See application process and dates above.

Students will have the opportunity to go on a global trip to Guatemala. See below for pictures from 2014 project to Guatemala. Ministry projects will vary from working with children in the village to building and construction help.

2015 Global Project – July 13 – July 26, 2015
Cost – $2000

*See application process and dates above.

Students will travel to Washington DC and engage in inner-city ministry. Ministry opportunities will vary from serving at soup kitchens to street evangelism.

2015 Urban Project – June 26 – July 8, 2015
Cost – $750

*See application process and dates above.

How do I know if I’m accepted to be a part of one of the projects?

Once your application and pastor’s reference form is submitted (see above), an enrolment worker or a member of the Ecclesia team will contact you to let you know if you’ve been accepted. You’ll also receive a confirmation acceptance letter in the mail.

Who is chaperoning/ leading?

Each project includes up to 10 high school students and 5 Kingswood University students. The Kingswood students have primary responsibility for the high school students while the teams are traveling. Along with that, the Urban and Global trips will have an accompanying older adult and partnerships with ministry leaders on location.


What is my schedule for the week?

You can expect this webpage to be updated with regards to itinerary as soon as that information is available. Itineraries are subject to change.


What kinds of ministry am I going to be doing?

The heart behind Ecclesia is to, first and foremost, serve. You will have many opportunities to learn more about what that looks like in different ways depending on which project you are a part of. Feel free to browse the photos on this page, as well as photos on the facebook page from the Ecclesia team, for a glimpse into the 2014 projects and the sorts of things you’ll likely be a part of by being on one of the Ecclesia teams in 2015!


What are the Costs?

Total costs will be listed under the trip headings on this webpage (to be updated soon). These costs cover accommodations, food and travel. Any personal expenses beyond these basic needs will need to be brought with you (shopping…etc.). Donations and payments can be made online (see below) by calling our business office (1-506-432-4400) or by sending a cheque to Kingswood University. All donations/payments will be receipted for tax purposes.


Do I need a passport?

Yes! You are required to have a passport. If you do not currently have a passport, apply for one right away.


Will my parents/ guardians be able to contact me while I’m on the road?

Yes. Your parents will be provided with a number to call for emergencies. You will also be permitted to bring your personal cell phones on the trip, but will be asked to put it away if/when it is a distraction from the ministry you are a part of. We will be giving you emergency contact information for your parents/ guardians as well before the trip.


Will we do any sight seeing?

Yes. Each trip will provide an opportunity for some sight seeing while you are there.


Can I, or any donors, get a receipt(s) for any payments made?

Absolutely. Every donation and/or payment will be issued a receipt. If you have issues with this, please contact the business office at Kingswood. 1-506-432-4400.


Will I need any Immunizations?

If you are a part of the global project, you will likely need to get immunizations. Please contact your family doctor or a local travel clinic no later than 4-6 weeks of your travel. July 13th).


Is there a dress code for the Ecclesia project?

We would simply ask that every student have at least one outfit that is “Sunday Best.” Ladies, we suggest you bring a skirt for leading church services (at or below the knee please). Shorts that are not too short (mid-thigh or lower) may be worn. Men, we suggest you bring at least one collared shirt and dress pants. Keep summer temperatures in mind as well as your location. With all the projects, you’ll be outside often and moving around. Dress comfortably and modestly. More details will come to you upon acceptance and depending on your project.


Where will we be staying?

These details coming soon.

Will Kingswood help us with support raising?

Kingswood’s admissions department will have a sample letter written for any student who wants to send out support letters to people who may want to financially contribute to you being a part of the Ecclesia Project. We’ll have someone helping you along the way after you apply.

Fill out my online form.

Donation receipts (non-refundable) are available for gifts from others including parents.

Please use one of the following forms if a donation receipt is required:
Donation in Canadian Funds
Donation in U.S. Funds

When completing the form, under Gift Designation, choose “I would like my gift to be used for the following …” and in the comments box enter “Ecclesia” and the name of the student being supported.