It was a five-thousand-piece puzzle of a windmill in the Netherlands. It sat on the table at the edge of the family room on a little card table. As people had time, they would put in some pieces; sometimes just a few, other times a hundred or more. The pieces were small, but each one was important to complete the picture. Eventually, the time came to connect the last few pieces. It was a group project, so everyone gathered to see the completed work. But there was a piece missing. A search proved it was nowhere to be found and sadly the picture remained incomplete.


This is what happens at Kingswood when students decide not to engage with the campus. The picture is incomplete.


Kingswood is a community. Once someone becomes part of the KU family, they help define the community. They are an important piece. We all bring unique traits, interests, and perspectives to the table that the rest of the student body would miss out on without the engagement of each individual. Therefore, we encourage every student to find a way to get involved.


However, the true benefit of getting involved is for the student.


Getting involved means gaining new friends. Even if someone has a hard time making new friends, they will make friends at Kingswood. Friendships that start on our campus, last much longer than just your time as a Kingswood student. These are the people you will look to for support and encouragement throughout your life.


Most first-year or transfer students initially experience a sense of disorientation. This can lead to homesickness. The best cure for this is getting involved and getting involved quickly. The more you participate, the sooner you will get to know the people around you; welcoming, inspired, and supportive people.


When students return after their summer or Christmas break, a common phrase heard at Kingswood is, “welcome home.” Getting involved and joining the family will make Kingswood your home. Friends, faculty, and staff form a comfortable community in which to return; a home.


Getting involved allows someone to fully experience the opportunities Kingswood offers. Some opportunities may never occur again or be at great cost. Kingswood hosts performers and speakers who often share their talents at reduced or no cost to the student. Workshops and training sessions occur. Trips are scheduled at the lowest price possible. Get involved as these are all opportunities that may be once in a lifetime.


However, one of the greatest benefits of campus involvement is fun.


Don’t be the missing piece that leaves the picture incomplete. Get involved.