Did you know Kingswood University offers Early Enrolment courses for Grade 12 students? Early Enrolment courses are first-year university courses offered to high school students who are academically strong and ready for a challenge. Also known as dual-enrolment courses, these courses have the benefit of providing academic credit towards both high school graduation and a university or college degree – essentially, a two-for-one deal!


With more work involved and a price attached, you might be asking the question: Why would I want to take Early Enrolment courses? I’m glad you asked!


Four Reasons to Consider Early Enrolment Courses


1.You will gain valuable experience

It is no secret that the transition from high school to university can be challenging for many. With the switch from a highly structured schedule to an open class schedule, notetaking in lectures, more content to learn, research papers to write, and a syllabus with due dates that require you to manage your time well, it can be overwhelming at first.

Early enrolment classes give you a chance to experience the differences between a high school-level course and a university-level course while still surrounded by your support system at home and school. By taking one course at a time, you are able to navigate the newness without the overwhelm of a full course load, providing a very helpful advantage when you head off to university.


2.You will get a head start on your degree

Early Enrolment courses at Kingswood are fully accredited courses. This means they can be applied to any degree at Kingswood and will often transfer to other institutions, depending on the course and the degree path you are on. Students have the opportunity to take up to five early enrolment courses in their senior year, knocking a full semester off a degree at Kingswood.


3.You will strengthen your high school transcript

University-level courses on your high school transcript can increase your chances of gaining entrance into the school and program of choice. Admissions departments are looking for evidence that you can be successful if they extend an offer and give you a seat in the program. Nothing says ‘I can do this’ better than proof that you already have!


4.You will save money on tuition costs

Early enrolment courses are priced at a fraction of the cost of a full-tuition course. At Kingswood, EE students pay just $100 per credit hour, compared to the full-tuition cost of $390 per credit hour. That is a savings of $870 per 3-credit course, which adds up quickly over multiple courses. How would you feel about saving up to $4350 on your university tuition? 


Are Early Enrolment courses for you? We’d love to chat with you about your options. Visit our website at https://www.kingswood.edu/academics/early-enrolment for more information or email our office to connect with a counsellor: enrolment@kingswood.edu.