What to do in and around Sussex

Due to its location atop a hill in Sussex overlooking a gently flowing river, our students can be very content. But, when a student longs to do more than sit by the river or skate on our frozen pond, the quaint town of Sussex has much to offer.


A week after most of our students arrive in September, Sussex hosts a popular internal event, the annual Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta. Hot air balloon enthusiasts from across North America converge for a weekend that combines skies filled with colorful hot air balloons and a country fair atmosphere in the park.


A stroll through town will lead one to over twenty-five murals from various artists. They adorn the exterior walls of many business buildings. The curious will need a locally obtained map to find them all, as some of the murals are tucked away off the main arteries.


Sussex and its surrounding areas are known for their covered bridges. A trek down some country roads will take one to these landmarks; some dating back over one hundred years. These covered bridges are tributes to the past’s simpler days of the province and are popular destinations to take photos while exploring the timber-frame architecture. 


If hiking is something one fancies, there are nice summer and winter options. Before the snow falls, a short hike leads to what the locals call, The Bluffs. The simple climb is worth the time and effort due to its spectacular views. There are also trails leading to picturesque waterfalls. One, in particular, is a winter treat. The colder temperatures freeze the river as it cascades over a ledge. The result is called the Ice Caves. Visiting there is a unique and popular winter land experience.


If the on-campus tobogganing hill isn’t enough, another popular winter destination is nearby Poley Mountain for skiing and snowboarding. The mountain features 30 trails, 4 lifts, and a 5 story tower that provides a 360 degree of the mountain and the Sussex area.


If it’s a day trip that one finds attractive, the Kingswood campus is a short drive from the most popular attraction in New Brunswick, Fundy National Park on the Bay of Fundy. There one will experience the world’s highest tides. At high tide, paddling in a kayak as the waters rise is a popular adventure. At low tide, visitors can stroll and explore the seafloor.


With all these options, members of the Kingswood community are blessed to be in Sussex, NB.