If you’re about to begin your journey into adulthood as a university student, there are many benefits to making the decision to attend a Christian university and earn a degree in ministry. At Kingswood University, students not only benefit from a rich on-campus experience but also academic programs which prepare them for a successful career in vocational ministry or the field of their choosing. 

As a student at Kingswood, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue what matters most to you, receiving the community support and guidance necessary to find your purpose and prepare to lead a life of service. With high-quality academic programs, you’ll also be building biblical and theological knowledge along with the practical skills necessary to excel in the path you choose.

As a future undergraduate student, however, it’s likely that you have a few questions about what an accredited ministry degree entails and what your life as a Kingswood student will look like. Below, discover some answers to common concerns and questions of prospective ministry students. 

Are There Opportunities to Get Involved in Campus Life?

As a student at Kingswood’s Christian university in Canada, there is no shortage of opportunities to form relationships with your peers and become more involved in the community. Extracurricular opportunities such as Chapel and Pulse provide students with a chance to develop ministry-related skills while engaging in spiritual formation. Both of these activities are important in exploring one’s interests and talents while connecting further with their peers. What’s more, small class sizes, ministry teams, band groups and more provide many opportunities to form friendships. Thus, not only is each Kingswood student accepted as a member of the Kingswood family, but they’re able to bond with fellow students in the experience of growing as servants of Christ.

Christian university in Canada

You’ll benefit from an active on-campus experience while earning your accredited ministry degree

If I Need Guidance or Support at Kingswood, Who Can I Turn To?

We understand that adjusting to life as an undergraduate student away from home can be difficult. What’s more, the journey to spiritual formation and finding your purpose in serving Him can be challenging. However, as a student at Kingswood, you’ll have access to the guidance and support you need to succeed. At Kingswood, all professors and staff are available to answer questions, give an informed perspective or provide support to students at any time. What’s more, students have access to many other resources, including on-campus counselling and our Student Success Centre, where students can go to resolve academic questions around research, writing and more.

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At Kingswood, students have access to a network of support

Will I Gain Practical Ministry Experience While Earning My Degree?

While Kingswood prides itself on academic excellence, students have access to more than just theoretical knowledge and classroom lectures. While earning their Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, students are able to engage in hands-on learning, in alignment with the active nature of the ministry profession. At Kingswood, students gain plenty of practical ministry experience, with courses that engage them in leading teams of worship, counselling, preaching, event planning and more. Additionally, students can take part in Supervised Ministry and other Internship programs, equipping them with real-world experience. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to apply their learned skills to the vocational career they pursue.

How Will I Afford My Degree? Is Financial Aid Available?

Before their time begins at Kingswood, students receive extensive support from the Enrolment team in completing applications for financial aid, identifying opportunities to receive government aid or loans and establishing payment plans which reflect their financial needs. After committing to Kingswood, you’ll have access to continued support from a financial aid officer, who will support you through the process of securing scholarships, grants, student loans and more. With many opportunities for financial assistance, you’ll be able to find a payment plan that works for you.

Will I be able to Find a Job After Graduation?

Kingswood prides itself on empowering its students with a functional skill set that translates to a number of different career opportunities within the field of vocational ministry. Equipped with practical experience in ministry and foundational biblical and theological knowledge, students are qualified for a number of different positions and career paths. What’s more, Kingswood offers assistance to students looking for employment, with access to a job bank of employers seeking graduates trained in ministry and opportunities to connect with employers on campus. Kingswood is also deeply rooted within the Wesleyan denomination, allowing students to grow their network in the community and prepare for their future. With education at Kingswood, you’ll be prepared to achieve success, whether you choose to pursue vocational ministry or another profession.

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