If you’ve been called into a life of ministry, your dedication to helping others know Christ will also be your occupation and career. In answering this special call, obtaining a degree in ministry can allow you to fully prepare for this role. A degree in ministry can prepare you to reach your higher purpose, enabling you to make an impact on the lives of those around you by demonstrating your love for Him. 

When searching for the right university, it’s important to consider whether practical experience is offered as a component of the degree program. Practical experience is an essential part of any education in ministry, as it provides a way to develop a sound knowledge of the Scriptures by experiencing opportunities both to articulate your faith and to integrate biblical truths with practical concerns of life. Ministry itself is an active vocation, and developing ministry skills for a life of service is an essential component of a quality education. Gaining experience in various aspects of ministry provides students with the opportunity to explore different career paths, identifying which most aligns with how God is calling them to serve. Practical experience also offers the chance to develop a network within the greater Church community, leading to career opportunities upon graduation.

At Kingswood University, practical experience is a critical component of our Bachelor of Arts in Ministry program. Read on to learn more about the importance of practical experience for a career in ministry. 

Ministry is an Active Vocation Which Requires Practical Experience

When you answer God’s call on your life by entering a career in ministry, you’ll be actively demonstrating your love for Him and love for others every day. Given the active nature of this career path, it’s essential that while earning an accredited ministry degree, you are gaining hands-on experience in applying theoretical principles learned in the classroom to different ministry settings. 

At Kingswood University, students take courses that place an emphasis on practical experience, enabling them to graduate with the preparation needed to succeed in ministry. Courses focusing on event planning, preaching, counselling, and leading worship teams help students to develop a practical, functional set of skills that directly apply to their career in ministry. 

Preparing for an active career in ministry requires active practice in the field

Identify the Career Path that’s Right for You Through Practical Experience

Within the field of ministry, there are many different career paths, and figuring out which direction you should go in can be challenging. Students often feel pulled in multiple directions, having gifts in areas like preaching, teaching, or music, but also having a passion for working with youth, with those who are in desperate situations, or perhaps in unreached populations overseas. Practical experience allows students to explore ministry in a variety of different settings, enabling them to determine which is the right fit. 

Kingswood University students benefit from participating in Supervised Ministry and Internship programs, in which they’re able to gain real-world experience in various ministry roles. With practicums such as counselling service assistant, camp counsellor or support staff, youth leader, teacher, chaplain ministry, research or teaching assistant, technical booth operative, or worship leader, students can explore many different areas of ministry. Internships are a full semester of on-the-job experience in a church or parachurch organization literally anywhere in the world. This hands-on practical ministry experience equips students with the knowledge to make a career choice that’s right for them.

accredited ministry degree

Practical ministry experience can help students identify the path in ministry that’s right for them

Practical Experience Helps You to Build Connections in the Field

For those preparing for an impactful ministry career, building connections within the field is an integral component of any successful career. One’s ability to engage in a life of service is enhanced by the strength they gain from the community network around them. 

As a ministry student, access to opportunities for practical experience is an important step in building this community foundation. Kingswood University students benefit from building connections with ministry leaders across denominations and around the world as they are supported in finding internship placements and building their network while studying. Throughout their program, as students are immersed in practical ministry experience, they will connect with and be mentored by high-capacity ministry leaders. These connections will not only be important when it comes to discerning where to take a position after graduation, but will come to form part of the community which those in ministry will look to for strength and guidance throughout their careers. 

Considering the value which practical experience holds for a successful career in ministry, it’s important to take it into account before applying for a degree program. With a degree from Kingswood University, you’ll have the practical experience necessary to thrive in your future role.

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