Experience-based learning is important in preparing for many things we do in our lives. Just as you wouldn’t jump into the ocean without learning how to swim first, preparing for a career in ministry wouldn’t be possible without first gaining practical experience. Ministry is an active vocation, and in order to build the skills necessary to succeed, it’s important to first develop your passions, interests, strengths and network through experience-based learning. At Kingswood University, students completing their Masters in Pastoral Theology have the opportunity to engage in this learning style by applying what they’ve learned within their own communities. As a requirement while earning their degree, students must invest at least 20 hours a week in ministry, working locally while completing their studies online. Not only does this practical component allow students to deepen their relationship with God and their community, but it’s also crucial in preparation for connecting meaningfully with their faith through their occupation.

If you’re already serving in ministry, but are interested in deepening your practice by gaining more knowledge and experience, earning your Masters in Theology at Kingswood University could be the right path for you. Below, discover the benefits of a Masters program with an experience-based learning component.

Root Yourself within Your Community While Earning Your Masters in Pastoral Theology

If you’re considering earning your Masters in Pastoral Theology as someone who has already embarked on their career in ministry, you may be wondering about the value of experience-based learning. However, taking online pastoral courses offers a unique opportunity for those with a background serving in ministry. While attending Kingswood University online, you’re able to complete your degree while living and working in your own community. This gives you the chance to apply what you’ve learned to the community you serve as a way to fulfill the 20-hour practical component of the program. This will allow you to gain more experience in ministry while building local connections and further enriching your ministry career. 

masters in pastoral theology

While taking online pastoral courses, you can continue to serve your community

Experience-Based Learning Helps You Determine Your Passions and Interests

Although you already know that a life of ministry is your calling, you may be unsure of the direction you want to follow within the field of vocational or nonvocational ministry. While earning your Masters degree, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to improve your ministry practice as you deepen your understanding of biblical theology. You’ll be further introduced to subjects like A Theology of Pastoral Leadership, Theology of Word and Sacrament, Missional Pastor: Evangelism & Discipleship, and more. When you apply what you’ve learned through practical experience in the field, you can determine your areas of interest, helping you decide the direction in which you want to shape and grow your career. 

Identify Your Personal Strengths and Skills

While you complete your Masters in Pastoral Theology, you’ll have the opportunity to continue to develop your personal skills. At Kingswood, the 20 hours a week you’ll spend working in your local community will give you an opportunity to explore and discover your talents in the field. You might be an inspiring leader, an attentive listener, a great writer or a persuasive communicator. Whatever your strengths are, you’ll be able to uncover them through practical experience.

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Experience-based learning allows you to discover your strengths within the field of ministry

Develop Meaningful Connections and Relationships

Throughout your career in ministry, nothing will be more crucial to your success than having the support of your surrounding community and network. Relying on other members of your community for perspective, advice or prayer will give you the strength you need to go forward in your life of service, and the experience you gain in the field will help you to build these critical connections. With experience-based learning, you’ll be able to meet like-minded peers during your studies, helping you build rewarding relationships, a caring network and establish your career upon completing your Masters. 

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