What kind of person goes to Bible College?  Do you have to be a super-Christian, so spiritual that every word, thought, and action is exactly the right one, every time?  Do you have to operate at the “special forces” level of ministry skills, like St. Paul?  Do you need to be a theological genius, able to explain the Trinity to a toddler? The answer is no, no, and no.

Then what kind of person goes to Bible College?  All kinds.  Some have grown up in the church, others are brand new Christians.  Some have a pretty clear picture of what God wants them to do, others just know they want to serve God and are praying to figure out how.  Some understand the Bible pretty well but most still have a lot to discover.  Some have experience preaching, evangelizing, and leading worship, while others are eager to learn.


The students who get the most from their Bible College experience have three things in common:

1.They have begun a relationship with God through Christ. 

They may still struggle with living out that relationship—whether in words, thoughts, or actions—but they have made the decision to follow Jesus.  They’ve begun the journey of faith.


2.They are committed to completing that journey, whatever it takes.  

They understand that becoming a Christian is like planting a seed or being born, it’s just the beginning.  They know they need to grow in how they think, speak, and act so that each day they become a bit more like Jesus.  These students work humbly and hard to grow in their faith.

One aspect of growing is knowing.  Learning from God’s Word, the Bible, feeds our souls.  Since studying at a Bible College means lots of Bible and theology courses, you get plenty of nourishment to help you grow.

Growing as a Christian also requires a community composed of growing believers.  A Bible College is one of the very best gardens in which to grow.  You’re surrounded by students with this same goal and by godly gardeners in the staff and faculty.  You’ll still face temptations and challenges in the Bible College environment, but this is a great place to learn how to handle these challenges in spiritually and emotionally healthy ways.


3. They desire to serve God. 

Some arrive on campus already knowing what they’ve been called to do, but most don’t.  They just know they want to invest their lives in what God is doing in the world.  Over their time as a student, God clarifies His will, allowing them to graduate with a degree and a plan for how to use that degree to bring glory to God and good to others.



Here again, a Bible College is a great place to discover the ways God created you to serve.  Your fellow students are engaged in the same process, your faculty are coaching you along the way, and you are gaining lots of practical experience.  We learn best by doing and education at a Bible College is much more hands-on than you’ll find at most other colleges or universities.


You don’t need to be a “super-Christian,” have special forces ministry skills, or have the mind of a genius to attend Bible College.  You just need to be following Jesus as He leads you toward spiritual maturity and a meaningful life of service.



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