Leading a life of service can look different for every Christian. Opportunities for ministry are everywhere, and if you’ve been called upon to dedicate your life to ministry, you may be surprised that there are a number of different settings in which you can practice your vocation. In order to pursue a rewarding career in ministry, earning a ministry degree is the first step. At Kingswood University, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, preparing you with the biblical knowledge, practical experience and spiritual growth necessary to succeed in what matters most. After completing your program, you’ll be eligible to serve in church ministry, parachurch ministry or even marketplace ministry. If you’re unsure of the difference between these paths, keep reading to discover some information that could help you plan your future career in ministry. 

Earn Practical Ministry Experience Serving in Church Ministry

If you’ve always been drawn to an atmosphere of worship and spiritual leadership, pursuing a career in ministry within the setting of a church could be right for you. After earning your accredited ministry degree from Kingswood, you’ll be equipped with the skills and perspective necessary to thrive in a number of different types of roles. If you’re a gifted leader, teacher, or communicator, you might consider becoming a Minister or Director of the church. In these types of roles, you may be responsible for overseeing the direction of church initiatives and programs, providing strong leadership, Biblical teaching,  and a clear vision for those participating in worship. If you love working with children or teens, a role as a Children’s or Youth Minister could be better suited to your purpose. For those interested in the administrative aspect of church ministry, most churches also rely on Accountants, Bookkeepers and Office Managers to keep operations running smoothly. Additionally, if you’re passionate about media or marketing, churches often require Communications and Media coordinators to handle these operations. .

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Consider serving in a church after earning your accredited ministry degree

Consider Serving in Parachurch Ministries

If you’re interested in exploring a career in vocational ministry beyond the scope of a traditional church, working at a Parachurch ministry organization could be a great fit. Parachurch ministries are ministries which don’t operate within the bounds of an established church. Parachurch organizations may exist to serve a specific purpose or provide a certain social service as an act of faith. Some organizations might focus on helping the homeless, those suffering from addictions, victims of domestic violence or other members of the community in need. If you’re interested in getting involved with community support while getting practical ministry experience, consider launching a career as a member of a Parachurch organization.

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If you’re looking for a more dynamic role in ministry, working in the parachurch sector could be right for you

Interested in a Secular Career? Marketplace Ministry Could Be Right for You

Although you might be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in ministry or a related field, it’s okay to have career aspirations that aren’t directly related to working in a church, parachurch or a similar organization. In fact, as a Christian there are countless opportunities to lead a life of service, including in the secular marketplace. “Marketplace Ministry” refers to the practice of being a disciple of Christ in your business or trade itself. Whether you work in finance, human resources, the trades,  or any other number of career paths, you can pursue marketplace ministry by integrating your faith with the work you do and serving others in alignment with your higher purpose. If you’re interested in creating a fulfilling career in ministry while fulfilling your passion to work in the business world or another sector, Marketplace Ministry could be for you.

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