“Just tell me what’s on the test!” In years past, this was the occasionally heard cry of the student. Now this request is a great deal more prevalent. In great part, it is the result of assumed cluttered lives and a public-school system that is, due to standardized tests determining funding, increasingly teaching just to pass the test.
“Just tell me what’s on the test,” is the new dynamic.
I often hear of college students who don’t even attend their classes. They get the notes, review them, and show up on test day. These students have been short-changed in one of two ways. They have not gained the full value of the course because they have no clue what they have missed, or they have “teachers” who don’t teach. I would be remiss in my calling to teach if my class could be ignored; if my students could just get the notes and show up on test day. God has prepared me with experiences and insight designed to go beyond the content of the evaluations.
“Just tell me what’s on the test!”
In this regard, here at Kingswood, our challenge is great. The truth is, we don’t know specifically what is going to be on the “tests” of life.

We do know most of our grads will face common challenges. We warn them:

  • In this world there will be heartache
  • Life is unfair
  • Folks you thought you could trust will turn on you
  • You will deal with pharisees
  • People will lie to you
  • You will face change – some you will create, but much will be thrust upon you
  • History will be prone to repeat itself
  • You will fail
  • You will be embarrassed
  • You will get discouraged at times
  • At times you will be your own worst enemy

But with God as our guide we try to instill in our students all they will need to “pass the tests” they will take. We attempt to prepare them with the general education “tools” they will need to interpret and tackle the challenges ahead. “Tools” such as sound theology, authentic spirituality, a servant leadership approach, a Christian lifestyle that rises above feelings into Godly intellect, and an ability to continue to learn and grow.

We also try to model that it is worth it all. We seek to encourage by promoting all the benefits of their calling. Benefits that far outweigh the challenges in the list above.

I admit; we don’t know the specifics of what is on the test. There are details of some challenges we can’t fully foresee. But we do know where the answers are, they are in Christ Jesus. THAT’S WHAT’S ON THE TEST!