What is Theology?


I am sure you’ve heard the word “theology” used in sermons, books, conversations, articles, and blogs. Maybe some of you have heard about theology, but you don’t know what it is all about. So, it is necessary at this point to answer the following question: what is theology?

Theology is technically the study of God. It is a discipline that employs various methods (i.e. philosophical, historical, biblical, systematic, etc) in its exploration of the ways God relates with humans and vice versa.

Moreover, the discipline of theology assists students to better understand the doctrines of the Christian religion.  It also helps us understand the role saints have played in the historical development of these orthodox doctrines. In a sense, theology is an ongoing conversation current students have the privilege of participating in. Theology allows us to engage with saints of the past and present.

Due to its wide-ranging reach, theology helps us understand how everything meaningfully makes sense and is held together within a theistic framework. The telos (or “end goal”) of theology is not to gain theological knowledge but is to have a better understanding of and deeper connection with God.

Theology is not faith nor should one blend the two. We have fellowship with Christ by faith through grace. Theology should inspire us to seek a deeper relationship with the divine. Faith is the vehicle by which we embrace and fellowship with God through Christ.

Axel Kazadi

Program Director and Assistant Professor of Theology